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In 2008 Billy was trolling the world. This concert from 2008 has everything. From wearing crazy costumes, playing crappy covers, insulting the crowd, to playing 20 minute jams with bird sound and Billy playing the drums. Insanity and I love it.

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I loved the fact that they released every one of those shows on CD. Mine was November 8, 2008 Atlantic City.

Tarantula, Glow, Siva, Soma, Eye, Tonight Tonight, As Rome Burns, The Sound of Silence, Lil Red Riding Hood, A Song for a Son, Today, Nowhere Man, 99 Floors, Owata, Sunkissed, Landslide, Disarm, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Bodies, Gossamer, Heavy Metal Machine(into Tom Sawyer into YYZ into Born in the USA) into USA Chant “C’mon it’s your country!!” into Glass Theme, That’s The Way My Love Is, I Am One

Not every show. The Mohegan sun show had “technical issues” but imho it was bc the crowd was awful and dead.