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Solid did an AMA regarding DEs Host Migration.

  • What changes on the player end should we expect to see/when?

What changes is actually we’ll get stuff out to you faster and be a little more lean

  • Is there another content update planned before Founders season 2?

This obviously impacts the entire roadmap and we’ll give an update on that soon.

  • Will AS look for a new publisher?

We will, but we also operated the day to day for Wayfinder so really not a ton changes for us or even you the player.

  • When the next open world map will shine for us, maybe S2 or S3? And will bring mounts with it?

One of the things we’re talking about is doing more faster, maybe that means even some grey box or unfinished tiles in new lost zones, only time will tell but speed will be paramount.

  • Since DE was handling the Feature upvote (as far as I know), will you guys be looking into a new way to let us give feedback on the game ?


  • What about handling the servers? You guys plan on going peer-peer?

No plans. We always handled the servers, that doesn’t change. DE handled the accounts, queue, login.

  • Are daggers imbalanced? Or are the other melee weapons just under-performing?

All melee is under performing. Updates coming!

  • guild system possibly affected?

We’ll obviously prioritize what makes sense to put out but content we had in the hopper doesn’t just go away

  • Would you say season 2 is still something we can expect in late nov early dec after these recent changes?

Season two is def. Delayed at this point. It doesn’t mean content isn’t coming but what we’d call “season 2” is

  • Will we likely see 5 or more founder's seasons? Free to play imo should still be a priority

I don’t know the answer to this, we’re prioritizing getting fast content out and being bold with changes

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Originally posted by SyFyFan93

A lot of PR sounding responses that basically means they have no clue how much things are impacted just yet

We actually have a great idea about what support looks like. We have a great crew and have been supporting this game since day one.