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I play in emerald/diamond elo (EU) and everygame there’s evelynn/lee/jhin/shyvana

They nerfed them down a bit and they are still pick or pick everygame and it’s disgusting.

Specially Evelynn is just stupid, she just evaporates the wave with 2 q’s ans then starts roaming all over the map and just 1v9 when she gets a couple of kills.

Also the GA meta is helping Jhin being so strong since he can just rush it first item without losing damage and be inmortal at the same time (this also kinda happens with lee and shyv cause they rush it too, but jhin can take the +10%extra damage vs champs per kill rune and just never die and keep stacking that rune)

lee is also disgusting, when he has 3rd item, he has “a flash” every 8 secs (jump) and heals stupidly from the next auto too.

I think riot should try to balance those stupid champs specially since we have no banning sistem yet.

What do you guys think?

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Originally posted by Deph1991

Don't expect anything till early March. Riot said they want Bandle champs data with current items. Full release of them expected End of January give or take full month of data collection than probably with NA Release at march they'll do o nerfs/ buffs and major overhaul of systems... So I wouldn't expect anything till March with NA Release.

We will be doing balance patches on other champs much sooner. Yordles will likely need more data but there’s no hard line saying we can’t react faster for them if we need to.