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Am I the only one? Like seriously, is it not viable? Even just 2 champs ban each side would suffice in my opinion. It is a good way to prevent OP champs from getting abused and a good system to prevent getting counter picked. There are currently 61 champs in wr, plus 5 in the upcoming patch, would it hurt to ban 4 (2 each side) champs? AFAIK patch 2.3 will take another 2 months (June 1, 2021), no banning system till then (minimum).

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We definitely still want to add bans, but game development is always about tough tradeoffs. In this case we made a call to prioritize position preference system before adding bans. A lot of the client work, UX/UI, etc is the same folks who would be doing both systems.

While bans is certainly the easier feature it non-the less would have delayed position preference noticeably later and the upsides to PosSel are much higher - influencing everything from better team comps, helping players learn and onboard, reducing toxicity, the list goes on. Fear not though, we still believe bans are highly valuable though and will still add them at a later date.

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Hey, regarding the wild pass - will you continue to do events with the same frequency or you will switch the content/initiative to play from events to the wild pass? Will be upfront here - I hope that you will not go "all mobile, all profit" way and keep it a premium experience... I really liked that till now purchases are not "in your face" and one could receive icons, heroes, borders and so on - from events that are unique, thematic and different from each other.

Already spend 150-200$ and I am not regretting, just keep in mind that a lot of us (I am sure of) not only prefer WR as a gameplay over ML, but totally also the more premium game feel attached to it. VG is a good example for bad trajectory (besides their bad monetisation strategy that they should had changed literally 1 year after release with model similar to PC league) - started like you - totally premium experience (their only mistake was they gave easy and fast path to unlock any skin you want) and from there it began... lootboxes, there more lootboxes, battlepass and whatnot, I am sure you are familiar how it went and what they added. The game was not premium anymore.

Just something that I hope you will/are having in mind when thinking what to add and how to add it. Cheers!

There are no plans to adjust our event strategy in regards to event pass. They are separate systems with separate goals (give some free content and cheap access to more content for players who play heavily).

We are going to look at some continued improvements to events but I think you'll be happy with them based on this comment :)

From a $$$ perspective, obviously we need to make money as a company but the most important $ figure we track is ensuring people don't regret their purchase after they buy it. We think it's absolutely critical that people can choose to spend money and feel good doing so.


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After emerald nobody actually cares about role queue. Because everybody plays every lane. But when there is a broken champ, banning system is much more needed. Higher elo players want banning system more tbh

I'd def believe that is very true for some players and I get the argument, but it's not true for the majority, even in high skill play. This is the kind of thing we survey folks on pretty frequently.

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It's nice to see you responding to so many messages. Thank you