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The champion is just unplayable to play against. And if enemy gets jhin blitz it's over always. So many players are getting boosted because other adc's can't even match jhin on a single level. Wave clear better, range better, utility better, damage better becoz other adc's can't even hit you or do anything,not gankable ever. Its so stupid that riot kept him like this for so long.

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We will be nerfing Jhin very soon in our next scheduled balance patch. There will be other problematic champs hit as well.

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where can we find these changes? I'd like another Rioter to do something like Mark Yetter does, so we can keep up with changes directly not through threads on reddit.

As we stabilize our patching schedule for next year I’d be happy to tweet out changes in a larger package more consistently prior to patches like Mark does. Though the best way to keep track of changes will be through our patch notes which will be linked on Twitter when it drops.