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I'm watching streams about Wild rİft since the alpha test. And i think i haven't seen any mana regen items i have only seen Max Mana items. And wouldn't this be horrible for high mana consuming heroes (mostly supports like sona etc.)? I think they should add mana regen items to wild rift if they don t have any.

What do you guys think? And am i mistaking?

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Originally posted by kaptenjei

Whoa, did't know Devs read here on the sub. Thanks for the info. As a Sona main, that question has been in my mind when I was reading the item descriptions. I only have mana issues during extremely extended fights, but besides that, I only back because of shopping, not for mana.

That makes sense, for Sona I think that decision of when you engage and how much you cast during very extended fights is pretty critical to her mastery. She's meant to have tougher decisions for extended fights, so the pressure you're feeling is intended.