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Hi, I recently got matched up with a guy that intentionally feeding 0/20/0 in just 10 minutes. When I looked at his profile, he was doing that really regularly. Why Riot will still allow him to play with only like 1 minute penalty?

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Did you report them after the game? Our intentional feeding detection isn't immediate, it'll take some time to process the player's reported games. If you don't get a message a day later, you can DM me information about this player, the date/time/timezone of the game, and region and we can try to see what's up. If you're literally 0/20/0 we should be able to detect you

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Originally posted by vartai

What's the penalty for frequent inting? Given that will they get permabanned since it's intentional.

First penalty is a 1 day ban if I recall correctly, it escalates from there through 3 day, 1 week, 2 week, etc. It's different in each region because there are some regulations limiting things (i.e. we can't permaban players in some countries). We also penalize them by removing extra ranked fortitude and distributing that to their teammates.