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Folks in the thread have largely answered it already but there's a few reasons we stay away from support items as they exist on League-PC. Support items in this case I'm referring to (and I'm assuming you are too), the starting items for supports that assist in gold generation only. Not, stuff like Staff of Flowing waters - Normal items for support characters.

The big reasons are

  • We do not need them to gold to supports early in the game. Our laning phase is shorter -and- the gold system innately accounts for it.
  • We need less vision than on PC for the game to function properly. It's a smaller map with much more open terrain. We cannot mirror 1-1 ward, and vision count without very serious problems.
  • We do not believe that warding is the supports job. Warding and vision gathering is part of the team nature of the game, by allowing support players to opt into buying a lot more vision, we functionally force them to buy more vision, while we want to make sure they have the opportunity to spend their gold on making their champions more powerful and better able to contribute to the team directly. You see this on early and present seasons of League on PC.
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Originally posted by MashV

apart from that item, is it planned to add more pc lol items to wild rift or it's a design choice to have this amount of limited items? Same for runes, it would open lot of personalization in playstyles to add more runes and items.

On a related note, why don't you use the new upgraded pc lol icons in wildrift too?

Runes we're unlikely to expand a lot, they just simply aren't as important a system in Wild Rift as on PC as the time for Runes to really shine is on PC is That Level 1-3 window. Before a champions power really activates, and items start to get completed.

Wild Rift has such a short time window for that phase a super heavy focus on runes just doesn't make sense, but we may look at adjusting the system we already have.

Items are a system we'll likely be doing some updates and expansions on at some point, we'll go into more details as we get closer to releasing them.

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Originally posted by ikiRT00

Agreed. But could you implement pink wards in game? Maybe as an upgrade for normal trinkets after achieving certain lvl. It could take 2 slots of the normal wards, limiting the amount of trinkets on the team, but granting true vision.

We could even choose between blue, red or staying with the yellow. Blue could be limited to only one ward, but with longer range and red would be like said above.

I think it would add depth not only for the support role, but for the team play as well.

By the way, thanks for the answer and all the support you guys provide for our community!

Pink wards are an interesting topic and one we've discussed. It has some complications with the current system both from the itemization and vision system.

In the item system we don't have or want consumable items, so we'd need to have a pink ward in the trinket system.

For vision system it mostly falls into the overall balance and volume of vision on the map. Pink wards are not only extremely powerful vision additions, they subtract vision from the enemy which has a pretty massive impact on the overall balance, especially when you can multiply that by 10 players. The biggest impact this would probably have is on snowballing, which is something I'm not sure we want to be making stronger atm, but there are pros and cons to these options.

I think Pink Wards are a potential option (and we've discussed it in the past), there's just some complications that would need to get sorted out and we'd need to be careful before we added them into the system.

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Originally posted by ikiRT00

I understand. Thanks for the feedback again. You guys are awesome, for real! S2

Ditto! Appreciate the great feedback!

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Originally posted by MashV

Thank you for responding. What you're doing with this game is really appreciated.

Much appreciated. Thanks for the great thoughts and feedback, always happy to talk about these things!