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Did you guys know about League of Legends: WILD RIFT's conspiracy?

I've been grinding wild rift rank for quite awhile now. It's a very challenging to play in Asian server. At first, i thought it was just a normal people playing. But as i dig a little deeper, i notice something quite interesting. Most of the noob player(player that is trolling) or afk player they got Chinese alphabets or some weird names.

You must be think im crazy rite?(Haha). Well, here's where its get crazy.

Did you know what others mobile MOBA comes from that country?

Yes, its Mobile Legend: BANG BANG(MLBB). As you see MLBB is the most successful mobile MOBA in South East Asia(SEA). Now comes the new Mobile MOBA trying to take their turf.

What im trying to say is MLBB development team is afraid of the upcomming Wild Rift on the scene. So they do what they do.

They hire staffs to play on Wild Rift. Not just playing like usual. They get paid to be spoil in the game(trolling, afk, feeding). This looks nothing but lets say If one of your teammate is trolling or feeding too much. Not one game. not 2. But many games i have encountered being like that.

Thus, It could affects our enjoyment of the game. For people who just transition from other MOBA will think that Wild Rift is not a good game to play. Hence, they go back playing their own mobile MOBA. You see even Hororochan have a hard time playing with the troll gamer. Even Shinmen Takezo(you guys can see his livestream).

But.... hey... Hey.............

Its just a theory.

A Game theory

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