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I don't know if someone posted this already, but yes, we can mute pings and emotes right now. Just hold the mute bottom on one of your teammates and the icons will show up! https://postimg.cc/t1S3m0Np

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This is not new, but it is one of the many, Many features this game has that are never explained/hinted at anywhere, and that you can only find by luck or if someone else tells you... That is why I made a scoreboard guide and am working on an episode about the ping system, because I have over 1000 games played but only learnt like two weeks ago how to ping objectives respawn time... Which is frustrating.

Thanks for making this, it's my fault that the scoreboard and pings has a bunch of functionality that is hard to discover. The unfortunate tradeoff that we have is screen size + legibility vs functionality. Generally the approach is we identify information of functionality that is most important and make that easy to find. For the scoreboard that means that we really put the focus on displaying information about the players in the game. Almost everything else is secondary to that. So when we add quality of life features like pinging items, cooldowns, etc. we often have to compromise on how easy they are to find in order to preserve legibility of the essential scoreboard information.

If y'all have feedback on some of these functions that we could make more accessible and what we could deprioritize to give it more prominence I'd love to hear it. We tried to strike a good balance, but suggestions are welcome.

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I only play WR on my phone, and it's fairly difficult to accurately ping the correct enemy CD for Summoner skills/ultimates because the space between them is so small relatively (and is basically impossible to do unless you are dead/not doing anything else)

Would it be possible to get a display of enemy bubbles on the main hud like the ally display? Then you could build that function into the main hud for better access and team coms. Single click on the enemy bubbles for Ult CD, press and hold for summoner spells - something to that effect.

I main JG, so telling my team/receiving info about summoners used is very important in choosing ganks and plays

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but the enemy ultimate ping hitzone is bigger in the scoreboard (a lot bigger) than the ally display portraits by the minimap so it would be harder to hit accurately there? However, I recognize that summoner cooldown is not that easy to do in scoreboard because it's a secondary function compared to getting meta information on both teams.

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