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Guys, I've been playing Wildrift for a while and hit GM, but recently as I was playing jungle I felt that it is really hard to target lock specific targets. E.g. running away from enemy and I can't target the blast cone (the target keeps snapping onto champions) Or When I run into dragon / baron pit for a smite steal and I can't target lock the objective because it keeps snapping onto champions surrounding it.

Any guides or tips on this?

Thanks in advance!

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Some clarification on why this is happening: When you aim quickly (i.e. time from button down to button up is very short) the system strongly prefers champions. We do this so that in fights you can more confidently target champions and not pick up other objects like minions or blastcones. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this for your use case?

For blastcones, as others have pointed out you can use the minion/tower button (I think the tower button changes to a plant). For dragon/baron, your smite will autotarget the objective if it is low enough for you to kill it with smite. That's a little tricky, we considered making it always target objectives in range, but we want ran into problems where you were fighting around an objective and wanted to kill someone with smite and instead it would smite a high health/full health objective.

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Originally posted by Revolutionary-Act714

I just wanted to clarify something, if I lock the dragon (via dragging the attack button) in the pit and I use an AOE skill that hits an enemy, does the system recognize that as 'change target' causing my supposed smite for the DR target the champion hit by my AOE skill?

Because it feels like it, tbh.

Hope my question made sense.

No, if you lock the dragon by dragging attack so it has the yellow highlight (not orange) it should smite the dragon. Casting an AOE that hits an enemy is not supposed to change that.