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How can accept playing a tank when other players wouldn't pick a tank if the situation called for it?. I don't know the 4 other players on my team but I feel like some of my teammates don't deserve me picking a tank. If I was an adc and our team needed a tank I'm not very confident that someone would pick a tank.

It's like if your nice to someone and help them but they wouldn't help you. Why should you continue being nice?

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Here's the thing tho. If your team truly needs a tank, not picking a tank is a sure loss. Your teaammatrs aren't the only ones going to miss something. If your carry is very weak early in the game, and there is no tank to peel him in the start, it's your loss. If the opponent has two fed assassins and there's no tank, it's your loss. Even if you're winning lane, if someone in another lane keeps getting turret dived and killed, the fed enemy is coming for you next. Whatever contribution you make, it's for yourself too cause you're playing with a team. It's not a sacrifice, it's just sensible.

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