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Does anyone have ping issues that only effect wild rift ??

this is getting really bad...

I check cod mobile my ping is 50

I check genshin and my ping is 70

I go for a wild rift match and the ping goes 272MS like for real wtf is going on so I leave the game and reboot my router and check again

Cod mobile 50

Genshin is now 60

I go for wild rift match and the ping is 120ms but am used to play with 120-180ms in almost any other game and it's fine does not effect me that much but for some reason in wild rift it does effect me alooooot and after 4 minutes in game I just get tilted so hard and guess what as soon as I get titled the ping gets worst now the game spikes between 167ms and 272ms as soon as I try to attack the enemy and that is not the worst part, if I stand still the ping goes to 80ms all green, green is good and green is the color of grass BUUUUT as soon as I decide to move the joystick it spikes instantly to 200ms+++ then bk to 150ms++ then keep hovering around 150-300ms for some reason and am certain my internet is fine...

So I go look for similar issues and surprise surprise some people actually have the same issue so I went ahead and tried every single solution provided but non did even work so if anyone had this issue please tell me what u did to fix it

Edit: game was written girl sry lol edit2: tilted not titled lol

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Originally posted by ManIneedOuttaHere

I live in Tunisia and play on EU west server and it's unplayable for almost all champions

EU server is probably why you have bad ping, we also have multiple data centers in EU if I remember correctly so you may sometimes get placed one quite far from you. Is the middle east server not a good option for you? Geographically it should be close too and you may possibly have a good link to it and get more consistent ping. Also if you want to dm me your network diagnostic from the game settings menu and your cellphone or ISP name I can surface it to our network ops team. Could be a bad route from your ISP to our servers.