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Yet another post on this. Did Riot roll back changes? I was high Emerald/Diamond and stopped seeing a bunch of these players but now that I'm in loser que and matching with plays, I'm also getting matched with gold players like this Akali mid with smite or a SHYVANNA MID. Lol help me.

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That’s not true tho. I mean, it’s true that riot’s matchmaker has been broken since PC season 1, yes.

The thing that you are missing is that statistically, over time, your MMR and your win-rate equal out over time. This means that over time, your MMR and your supposed “rank” can diverge, and you can get legit “hard-stuck” because the matchmaker is efficient at setting you a 50/50 win-rate.

Improving your skills will only net you a few wins before the MMR adjusts (because MMR adjusts far more quickly than raising rank), causing you to get back to 50/50.

There are ways to “beat the matchmaker” such as duo-and trio-queue, or being better than the entire available pool of players (I.e., being a Master level player in Plat), but otherwise, the way to climb ranks is via collecting Fortitude points (while you are under Diamond).

After Diamond, your MMR and Rank progress get linked by LP points, so the problem is lessened.

TLDR: you can improve your MMR via skill, but that won’t improve your rank below Diamond.

Actually, the system detects when a player is hard stuck and let's them rank skip more, or gives extra fortitude, to offset the 50/50 sessions.

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“Rank skip” happens on win streaks/high-win-rate tho, doesn’t it? Or does it randomly skip simply because MMR is too high?

You don't need win streaks or a high-win rate (since neither of those are very accurate).

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Like, in the most vague terms, can you describe when “rank skip” triggers, without exposing trade secrets or whatever.

At a high level, if a player's MMR is higher than it should be for their rank, they should be able to rank skip sometimes.

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It is random and there is no such thing as losers queue. (Setting a highwinrate with low winrate because of mmr is losersqueue).

Get mvp every single game. (Real carry not just by luck)

Losing streak because I cant carry too many feeding teammates. Carrying 4 inting team mates is possible in plat or gold maybe.

I dont believe that I am better than all the people in my team 15 games in a row. If it is truly random, it should not be possible. How am I the carry every single game, and when I dont hyper carry I lose. Why dont I get carried if I am as good as my elo? And if I am better than my elo why don't I skip tiers?

Do I get put with lower winrate people or do you expect me to believe I am so good macro wise I am supposed to be the best player in this team game in a elo that is supposed to match me skill wise.

The matchmaker will grab the 10 closest players by both rank and MMR during the time that you search. If you have one of the highest MMRs during when you search, then it is possible to get put on a team often where you are the best player. Your opponents will have often have a similar composition. There's a team balancer that takes the 10 players found and finds a combination of placement that honors both position preference as well as keeps the fairness within at worst 70/30. We are evaluating whether that 70/30 should be reduced to 60/40, though that would result in longer wait times.

So that's one way to consistently get worse teammates, being better than most during the time you search. To know for sure you could PM me your info and I could verify.

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i started to detect something in matchmaking too, so much its kinda startting to annoy me

the matchmaking team think that teaming up lower rank will help boost the player mmr but it is actually the opposite

the matchmaking team should implement some restrictions in rank gaps to avoid such a thing as a diamond player teaming up with platinium with a wing in its name,just because the platinium player is in a 3 win streak that doesn't mean that he should be stacked up with diamond players, your staff team even said in the dev diary that there would be a "rank discrepancy" but this became unreasonable

those wings 90% of the time is a player that belongs/plays like the tier he is in(in this case being platinium) and the rest 10% are f challenger smurf account. Both seal the game basically before it even start.

and trio queue(3 players teaming up) should be separated/removed from soloq, duo is fine but a trio that communicate through discord or voice chat is too much for soloq players to take in

if you devs "play the game to an unhealthy amount" then you should have detected the abuse of trio q in soloq problem long long ago together with the platinium player with a wing in its name in diamond lobby

ask everyone from this subreddit the question of how can i rank up in wild rift? 95% of the comments/suggestions will be to abuse the soloq with trioq

The Rank gaps are determined by the amount of population in each rank, making sure there's enough within any given gap to find a match in a reasonable amount of time. As you get into the higher ranks, there are of course less and less players by design, so they require an expanded gap to be able to play the game at all.

TrioQ: If you are solo queue and play against a TrioQ, then your team will always also have a TrioQ on it. I see zero cases otherwise in all of yesterday's games. So both sides have a trio.

Originally posted by RunBiitchRun

as well as keeps the fairness within at worst 70/30. We are evaluating whether that 70/30 should be reduced to 60/40, though that would result in longer wait times.

So Riot is prioritising matchmaking time much much more then the fairness or legitimate of it

Seems like a very shitty matchmaking if you ask me

Not exactly, no, we prioritize matchmaking success. Meaning, we don't want there to be a bunch of players completely unable to play at all.

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