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It's really awful when you drop a little from your normal matches being Diamond-Grandmaster in Ranked matches to suddenly getting Platinum-Diamond because of a 4 game losestreak of actually competitive games. After that, the system just figures out "This guy must be really bad for losing 4 in a row so let's adjust his lobby to drop range" and all of a sudden, you get hit with teammates who either plays badly or spends the entire time flaming and griefing each other over small mistakes.

Don't get me wrong, Diamond-GM has its fair share of troubles but like maybe 1 every 3 or 4 games at most where I actually get tilted from someone trolling or playing really poorly. For the last 20 games of Plat-Diamond always has at least 2 guys flaming each other and one guy just either trolls, AFKs, or whatnot and here you are literally trying to 1v9 the entire game, looses with an S rating and an MVP and the enemy actually compliments you during the game for playing really well and pities you for having such children for allies.

I sincerely hope the new MM is better but coming from an awful week of these lobbies, I doubt my MMR is high enough to get more decent teammates following the amount of unfair losses I've had in my honest and humble perspective for at least another week.

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/u/nextdoorMMR would this be bad?

Sorry I took so long to respond here.

If you've followed me across other games, you probably know that I have implemented solutions that do look at in-game performance, but always carefully.

Basically, looking at variables that the data show contribute meaningfully to winning a match, and only considering them at the level they actually contribute. Using data to determine how much performance mitigates a loss, not just taking a best guess at the value.

I also prefer to make sure winning is always the most important factor.

But, yeah, tdlr: there are definitely ways to do this correctly.

I don't know whether we would see them in Wild Rift anytime soon because we're currently still focused on skill and matchmaking over these next few patches. Once we finish our current pass on those features, we may look more closely at ranks.

It's also possible that some of our improvements to skill and matchmaking will soften issues you are experiencing.