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We have a great interview with @PotatoWR here. We discuss why he thinks dropping to Master to get better LP gains is actually a shortsided approach to getting to Challenger. We also talk about his coaching and mentality around improvement.

I personally left the interview psyched to focus even more intentionally on improving my game. Thank you for joining us P0tato. Check out this episode here,



Leave your comments below. I’m sure lots of people have opinions about LP gains. ;-)

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Originally posted by Rygar-the-great

They should and I believe are planned to be fixed.

I don’t believe they have ever said decay affects your MMR though.


The LP gain issue where you continued to gain high LP in Master after your LP passed well into GM or even Challenger should be fixed as of 2.5.

So your LP gains should smoothly decrease as you gain LP in Master until your LP matches your MMR.

This should reduce how often Rank can outpace MMR.

But, yeah, it's always bad in the long run to throw matches because your MMR will drop and it'll make it hard to eventually climb.

Whereas if your MMR really is too low, you should have a >50% win %, making your MMR climb, which will make your LP gains higher.

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Originally posted by Rygar-the-great

Awesome. Seems thoughtfully made.

So if you don’t play for a while does your MMR decay like your LP does?

That's a variable we tune separately from the ranks. Sometimes it decays, sometimes it doesn't, but we base that more on whether or not players are actually worse than expected after not playing for some period of time.

I think it's currently possible in some cases for your MMR to also decay resulting in worse LP gains on return, but I can't guarantee that it will always be the case.

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Originally posted by PotatoWR

But we cannot lie that we had this problem where everyone thought that deranking was the most realistic way to climb to Challenger with +20 gains. Eventually in a while you stop getting +20 in masters, but players still had chance to abuse it including some of known names. What i was trying to point out that there is no way loosing intentionally could benefit you and it really hurts long term

Yeah, you are correct, losing will always hurt in the long run.

I believe we fixed one of the main factors that made players think it was worth doing. So now, when you drop back into Masters, your LP gains aren't actually more than they were in GM, given the same current overall LP. This should make it so there's no reason to drop back anymore, and best to just grind where you stand.