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So I've read them and I'm happy that they changed the main problems. Lulu got a big nerf, Olaf's early game is nerfed too. Darius got more life steal with decimate and Vayne is now more powerful and maybe we will see her more often now. Botrk and Lyandris finally nerfed too.

So a lot of good thinks that make the game healthier. But they missed some things definitly. Malphite and Orianna especially will still be meta. I am baron lane main and I get tired of playing against braindead malph. He deserved the nerf.

Did they miss something in your opinion? Is there something u rly would like to change cause its just to strong. And I dont mean champions that counter your main and so u think they op, I mean champs or items that are just too strong and have a too high impact on the whole game

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Liandrys is not core for any of these champs, except ori.

exactly. its just a flavor of the month thing imo because item is too good (being 90 AP and 250 HP for 3150 in the previous patches)

Singed and Teemo benefit from Liandrys more because they can utilize the Max%HP burn better which fits their playstyles which evidently makes them their core item due to how well it synergizes with the kit

Our nerf only takes the AP down a notch which we believe should target the item's non-traditional audience like Orianna and Gragas. In general, all Liandry's first item builds on every champ were over-performing, but even moreso on champions like Orianna (roughly 5% more win rate than rushing Luden's Echo). Conversely, Singed rushing Liandry's vs. Rod of Ages was 3% in favor to Liandry's. Patterns like this suggest to us that the item is actually propping up non-traditional users way more than its traditional users. This coupled with the fact that champions like Singed and Teemo were over 52% win rate in aggregate led us to just nerf the item itself for this patch.