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  1. The rewind button on watching replay i have a really hard time to watch replay while i wanna rewind so i gotta go out and click watch replay again if could have it it would be really cool
  2. The invitation while you spectating someone or when you on a practice i mean we already have an invitation button while we playing why not we have it when someone watching replay or practice
  3. The game should restart the match if someone go afk first 3 mins this is gonna be really helpful cause nobody wanna play against 4v5 and lose for free

Anyway this is just 3 things came in my mind that they should add on the games if we can have it I really appreciate it anyway anybody have anything wanna add on this games maybe riot come across this post and they see it

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Originally posted by bluepbluep

Ive play few moba on mobile but almost all of them doesn't have rewind button on their replay system i wonder why

The suggestion 2 and 3 is already implemented in other games and working just fine. It would be great if wildrift consider this suggestions

It's because of how the tech on replays generally works for most games. Most games do not simply record the video and let you fully engage in it. What they do instead is recreate the game from the start and replay all of the inputs from the players and system - with you acting as functionally a new 'live' spectator. It's actually being created from scratch each time. This makes rewind functionality incredibly difficult, hence why most of games don't have it despite being something makes sense and folks want.