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Hey folks,

Noharris from the Wild Rift Esports team at Riot here. Just joined the subreddit and want to be as active as possible here.

We’re just getting started with the sport and there’s a lot to do. Hoping to share more of our plans with you later this year.

In the meantime, let me know what do you expect from Wild Rift Esports and what are the things you believe we should prioritize. I’d also be glad to answer any questions you may have, although I might not be able to share a lot of answers yet.

You can also find me active at twitter.com/lhfaria



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Originally posted by BigfootsMicroPP

First of all, great to meet you, Noha, welcome to the subreddit! I hope you have a great time doing this, and we'll help you in any way possible, haha.

Now for my question, will there be a way to get the teams from untapped regions like South Asia, into the big ticket championships around the world? Because regions like India and Singapore have a good mobile player base, and there is a very large possibility that WR will explode in here and the nearby regions. Like, will there be South Asian and South East Asian regional championships like the LCK, LPL, LEC, etc?

Can’t share any specifics on leagues/tournaments, but we truly believe in the potential of Southeast Asia. It has everything to be a leader in the mobile esports space. I guess time will tell us how the region performs competitively and we’ll adapt plans accordingly. But we’re going all in. In fact we just announced our first official WR Esports competition in Southeast Asia, the Icon Series Preseason. More details here: https://wildrift.leagueoflegends.com/en-sg/news/announcements/wild-rift-southeast-asia-icon-series-preseason/

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Originally posted by Naivita

While tournament rules can state if some champions are banned after both sides or all parties agree on the choices, I still think it would be nice to have actual bans in the game as well.

I understand that the selection we currently have is very small, I think would make the matches more interesting if we won’t see the same champions over and over again.

But in the end, I believe esports division is not in charge of this.

You’re correct. Although Esports does informs the game development plans, Riot’s priority is to serve all players, not just pros. Whenever we have a healthy champion pool these features will likely come. But I can’t speak for non-Esports things.

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Originally posted by zakiuem

Will the Worlds 2020 sponsors State Farm, Axe and Red Bull support Wild Rift esports?

When the time comes to discuss partnerships, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t talk to existing LoL PC partners. They’re great supporters of esports and we’d be happy to have them in multiple titles. RedBull, as an example you mentioned, is a partner for both LoL and Valorant Esports.

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Originally posted by JIFDEGaming

Welcome to Reddit, Noharris!

The only question I have is whether or not if the WR esports scene will be similar to what LoL PC is doing (Spring > MSI > Summer > Worlds) and whether or not if MSI/Worlds events will have WR included in it too.

Thanks for the warm welcome! It’s still very early days for WR Esports, but generally speaking, we strongly believe that high-stakes competitions like LoL Worlds and Valorant Champions are great moments for a sport.

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Originally posted by QuizWiz

Since we can see that there is a lot of attention on the esports scene of wild rift, when can we expect or what are the plans for the guild feature?

As these small communities can grow and may eventually compete (hopefully) in the pro scene, I think it is crucial to roll out these features sooner than later to promote growth and longevity of esports and WR in general.

Can’t speak a lot to this, but we’re definitely looking at grassroots and community competitions as a significant opportunity on WR. The barrier to play and participate in tournaments is much lower if compared to other games, so we do want to see more people playing in a organized manner.

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Originally posted by yazmadaoyna

Until big region tournaments got the setup (like LEC, LCK, LPL etc.), setup small tournaments with small prize pool. People really want to see some action is going on. Like AssassinDave is doing right now. 2000$ prize pool small tournament. Nothibg perfect. But there is some action. I know Riot is aiming for good quailty big tournaments with weekly schedules. But I guess we are far from it currently. This is also the best advertising for the game and great content for social platforms.

I watched some of AssassinDave’s broadcasts and liked it as well! Thanks for the advice.

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Originally posted by Linko_98

How are you going to make it work when it will release on consoles too?

Separate esports scene for mobile and console or put them together and have the best players play on the platform they want?

Pro players can play only with the smartphone controls or they can use joypad or other hardwares?

That’s a great, and hard, question that we are currently exploring. What do you think we should do?

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Originally posted by DrugSnake

I'd appreciate a esports tab on the game, a place to see matches and results. Being able to tap on pros profiles and see their account stats aswell as their esports stats. Hopefully with something like this it can stay off of the home screen for people that are not interested in esports

That’s a cool idea. Anything that isn’t directly related to the core play or watch experience likely won’t be a focus in the early days, but this sounds like something we could explore in the future. The esports hub in the LoL PC client definitely help keep people informed of tournaments calendars/results/etc.

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Originally posted by PluckyLeon

Yes that I what I meant.

My apologies, I misread South Asia as Southeast Asia. We do have bold plans for India. We know gaming is huge in the region, and mobile feels like the right way to serve that community. We are taking steps towards a stronger presence in the region and have recently opened an office in New Delhi. Can’t speak to any other countries specifically, but when we open regional offices we usually have them overseeing a macro region with multiple countries.

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Originally posted by CaptainClouderz

Trust me, this is how you get viewers. Raise awareness in game that there is an eSports scene and also let them know where to watch the games and when. Lastly, a good incentive to watch is always nice in the early days while people generally don't care a lot for it.

I used to play the moba called smite on Xbox. I didn't care about the pro scene until they implemented a lot of rewards and reasons to watch the eSports games on twitch.

The rewards eventually stopped but my excitement for eSports stayed for smite and i felt like I grew to know these teams and members like the back of my hand and it was so cool

Another big thing that helped was player profiles. They made YouTube shorts of some of the best players. Short videos about their background, life, how they got into the Game and then more info about how they play, etc

Helps people care about the "characters" in the eSports "show"

That makes a lot of sense. I agree with you that creating awareness of the esports scene is very important in the early days, and the player base is definitely the place to start. Also agree that fandom towards pros and teams is key, not only to WR but really any sport. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Originally posted by Valibak

Hi Noha, for me I think there should be an Esports tab ingame, where you can spectate games live, check previous scores, builds and tournament brackets, maybe even some Fantasy WR esports to get more people involved.

That’s an interesting thought. Do you feel like the best place for those esports features is the game app? Or should that live separately somewhere else? As a player and fan, do you see the game app as the place you go to play or the place you go for all things Wild Rift?

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Originally posted by Linko_98

I think you should let them be together, console players arent much into esports, only fighting games are big. Having mobile players share the same passion should be good for them.

I think you should let the players choose the hardware controllers they want, it's really cool to see fighting games players bring their GameCube controller for smash or joysticks like arcade.

Of course if you see that it's unbalanced and all pro players are either mobile or console you should change it.

Thanks for those thoughts. Here are the things we are looking at to make that decision. We haven’t committed to any direction yet. It’s also important to note the game dev team is exploring the idea of cross play between mobile and consoles but haven’t confirmed that.

First and foremost, we want players to play in the platform they prefer. If you’re a console player but sudden realize you can’t go pro because the pro scene is only mobile, that’d feel bad.

We expect players to define themselves as WR pros, specialized in certain roles. Not WR mobile or WR console pros. I think it would also be a wired narrative having two champions, one in mobile and one in console. We want to know who the best team is, regardless of the platform.

Related to that, running two of everything would add significantly complexity to our operations (imagine running two LoL PC Worlds). Also, it would likely fragment the impact of our shows and viewership. As a fan you’d have to choose between following the mobile or the console scene, as watching both would probably be too much.

Last but not least, we have to guarantee competitive integrity. Should players play with the exact same devices and screen sizes? Or would it be ok to have someone playing on a 6.7” mobile screen and someone else on a 27” monitor/TV? One could argue that offering everyone the option to choose a platform is creating an even playing field. What I see, in general, is that pros accomplish more using the mobile touch screen controls (using 4-6 fingers for pinch movements) versus being limited to the console controller buttons.

As you can see there are many moving pieces.

Anything else we should be considering to solve this problem?

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Originally posted by lauranthalasa

Woah! Are you guys HQ'd in Singapore or Indonesia by the way? I'm a long time LoL esports follower and would love to see the day the scene gets so big in Asia Pacific that we have televised Finals at least. Mobile games and Wild Rift + Riot is the ticket to that.

Also, take Reddit with a pinch of salt. We're probably a little older in here on average, haha, and consequently more bitter.

I’m located at Riot’s HQ in Los Angeles, but we do have an awesome office in Singapore. And thanks for that advice on Reddit. :) I want to be here to listen more than to talk.

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Originally posted by Linko_98

Yeah competitive integrity is the main problem, I dont know if there are controllers that can make players cheat but when the time comes and there will be console pro players you will have to check controllers every time. I remember reading about counter strike pro player that was cheating by having something in the mouse.

Thanks for your long answer, I wish you guys good luck and I hope we can get a fantastic competitive scene.

Yeah we do have a standard procedure to check any peripherals used in official competitions. We’ve been doing that with mouse/keyboard for years in LoL PC, and would definitely do the same for controllers should they ever be allowed in WR competitions.

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Originally posted by heskethh2

One Thing I strongly suggest is

- Do Not going toward franchising model like LEC/LCK (the buy-in, mobile leagues are best being open, any team can promote or relegate.)

- Allow space for big community/third party events as much as possible, dont tied everything to the leagues

having leagues is ok but should allow space for big events outside these, from the community and 3rd party around the world to run both, Basically like how #VALORANT is working right now is the very ideal also how PUBG MOBILE doing with their Season is a great example

because in Mobile Esports, 3rd Party/Amateur/Community is the key and you need to provide space/help them at the most this at the end will help elevate the high level and the top leagues automatically

by all this you can still run major leagues and events like MSI/Worlds into it without preventing 3rd parties from hosting big events

as I said how PUBG MOBILE or VALORANT plans Esports is a very great choice to follow and I believe that plays good to Wild Rift

We learned that, to create a thriving Esports ecosystem, you need all parties to be financially healthy. You want teams making money, pros making great salaries (on average, not just a handful doing big bucks in prize pools). Our best answer for sustainability so far has been long-term partnerships with teams in the form of franchises. It really helps creating stability for businesses. It’s hard for an Esports org to invest millions of dollars to setup infrastructure and close long-term sponsorship deals, if they don’t know if they’ll be part of the top-tier competitions next season. That’s especially true when you have leagues vs an open tournament structure.

But we don’t want to assume franchising is the answer to everything. We don’t even want to assume that leagues is the answer to everything. The structure will probably vary from region to region, and evolve over time. Franchising is also a topic for a few years down the road, when we’ve tested markets and know what the appetite/potential is.

With all that said, I hear you. We definitely see the upside of having open tournaments, and how good that is for the ecosystem. We like community and third-party tournaments and want to encourage them.

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Originally posted by RebelHeartXO

Hello, glad someone from Riot is looking at this subreddit for the potential of esports.

Having said that, we would expect the following

  1. Regions who have not excelled in LOL PC might have a shot in LOL WR, particularly SEA and South Asia. we actually see SEA, Korea, Brazil and China as legitimate major regions like how the LCS, LEC, LCK and LPL is in the PC counterpart.
  2. Create grassroots programs for more players to have opportunities to grow and have a shot in competitive WR
  3. Strengthen marketing plans for the countries with stronger presence for mobile gaming. The competitor MOBA has actually saturated the PH and ID market so there is comparison but due to the global presence of LOL, it can create strong waves. Oh did I mention the impact of viewership. Just to share the finals of the competitor MOBA's "Worlds" have gained 3 million peak viewers more than any game of Worlds 2020 except the final, mostly are Burmese, FIlipino, and Indonesians on Facebook, Nimo TV with Youtube having good numbers.

Thanks for your thoughts. We 100% don’t want to assume that the major regions for LoL PC will be the same for WR. We want to give regions an equal playing field and time will tell us how they perform. But I totally hear you on paying special attention to mobile-predominant markets.

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Originally posted by Zarathos-X4X

It would be amazing to See Untapped Countries with Amazing potential and Great Potential have a chance to showcase themselves on the bigger Stage. Countries like India, Singapore etclack representation and acknowledgement even though there's amazing Player base already Present. As for the Global Perspective, am official Ruleset would make it clear to the Community Organisers. Support towards Grassroots, and transperancy Between Riot and The Community will also build confidence, and help boost the Esports Ecosystem

Yes. Totally hear you on fostering community tournaments. Stay tuned, we’ll share more soon!

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Originally posted by YEETpoliceman

I would looove to expect from competetive scene, a bit longer plays, what I mean by that is just that we have a sligthly bigger map but that's not happening i guess.

Also the fact that we don't have inhibs it's saad.

What I loved to experience is replay feature or spectator, one of the best things i did enjoy.

What I also expect from esport side to come out is role/ or even just ban system in game

May I ask why would you like longer games? One of Wild Rift core features is the shorter games. That’s intentional and unlikely to change drastically. On the esports side we’ll likely explore Bo5/7/9 instead of the traditional Bo1/3/5 in LoL PC.

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Originally posted by theSynnefulKage

Hello and nice to meet you Noha! I was wondering if you guys ever needed on-air talent or any of the like, is there an option to try out or get that position?

Nice to meet you too! When the time comes we will definitely look for new on-air talent for WR. Those opportunities are, for the most part, regional. So I encourage you to look out for opening coming from our regional esports teams.

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Originally posted by MrMiauz

To get it out there have you thought about doing segments during the lol pc esport days like during the lec,lcs,lck,lpl etc the games are shorter so it’s not like there going to take up a lot of the broadcast time and it will get the lol pc watchers into the game more

Especially if you can get the pro teams to have WR teams it can build there fan base up also

Interesting thought here. We do want to leverage LoL PC Esports to promote WR Esports and vice-versa — but we don’t want to be pushy. When TFT came out we put a significant amount of TFT content as part of LoL All-Stars and the community didn’t receive that very well. People tuned into All-Stars to watch LoL, not TFT. We want to avoid that with WR. Nonetheless, there’s one big question behind this that is — how big is the overlap between the LoL and WR audiences? We know there is some overlap, but don’t know how big it is yet.

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Originally posted by hafizhakimi_r

I would say stick to bo3/5. Maybe if you want to stretch it take it to bo7 for grand final. Other than that is just too long because even tho this is not league, i dont think the pro players can endure a series of bo9

Agreed that Bo9 is probably too much. I really meant to say we will explore ways to make series a bit longer. Imagine putting together a huge event and having ~30 minutes of gameplay if a Bo3 goes 2-0.

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Originally posted by hafizhakimi_r

Hello. I know that this is not related to wild rift esports but just asking is there any chance of a riot games world championships? Like having league, tft, valorant and wild rift world championships in one big event.

We really want to give each game its own spotlight. Also, if you only play/follow one of the games, it would feel bad to be forced to endure watching other games before you can watch the one you actually like. But hey, I can't speak for all of esports at Riot.

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Originally posted by neongodcsgo

Nice, I'll make sure to read it!

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Originally posted by Lxrs98

I basically want the system of pc lol for wild. regional leagues and msi/worlds. I’ll be patient because this will take time - but please bring us esports items ingame so we can cheer and support our favorite teams

Do you think the mobile audience wants the exact same things? Would you do anything differently?

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Originally posted by ggdenied

Hello there! Community Leader here for Wild Rift for MY and SG :D Was wondering if the upcoming tournaments are strictly invited only, or will there be open qualifiers for aspiring teams? Cheers!

Thank you for helping us build the community! I hear you on having open qualifiers for new aspiring teams. Can't disclose any further details now, but please be on the lookout for more announcements from our team in SEA soon.

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A five-week long regional preseason tournament delivering high stakes, exciting matches and showcasing top talent in the League of Legends: Wild Rift esports scene