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As an ex vainglory player, I miss tapping the actual target instead of having to select from the portraits. The thing is vainglory had ALL of the options. Drag to select, tap to select/move, portrait select. Think of vainglory as you will but having all of those options is what stopped me from playing other mobile mobas. Wildrift is objectively the best, most fleshed out and cleaned up mobile mobas out there, and its probably always going to be my go to, but damn portrait select keeps me from enjoying the game to its fullest. Especially in teamfights, having to select a portrait everytime you switch targets or pray that swiping will select the right target feels awful, on top of lowering dps on dps champs.

Like its not terrible, and definitely not the worst system, I'd just really like to be able to tap the actual target in fights, otherwise I feel very limited in my capabilities.

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Originally posted by JinkoNorray

I too wonder if touch controls are ever coming to the game. Maybe u/R0gueFool can talk about it?

It isn't something we currently have planned, and I don't expect us to change (see how I avoid saying never so this can't be used against me at some far out date if/when things change, very smart I know).

It isn't something we have talked about in a while, but when I did speak with a member of our team who worked on Vainglory, they said it isn't worth supporting those controls. It ends up being incredibly restrictive to design and massively increases workload (meaning slower champion releases).

It also leads to an unideal situation where you are blocking your own vision by needing to cover the screen with your hand. This is why all buttons are at the edge of your screen, with only the emote wheel (not required to play, and shouldn't be used in combat) being in the center of the screen.

We also run the risk of one controls setup being strictly better on a particular champion (forcing players to swap between them), and we would much rather support a great baseline controls system rather than needing to support both, leading to 2 ok systems.

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Originally posted by JinkoNorray

Awesome explanation as usual. Thank you! Many Vainglory players will be glad to have an answer even if they dislike it. Time to make you Twitter famous so you finally get a banner.

The work...it never ends.

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Originally posted by Floriver

Will you start implementing more "partial" touch controls? Some abilities like Jhin and TF ults have touch controls implemented because it can make targeting easier (imagine if you had to use jhin's ult with the joystick!).

But aside from them and a few other abilities, there are no touch controls. But I think something like redemption or Leona ult could benefit a lot from touch controls since the joystick is too sensitive at close ranges.

If a new ability requires new controls than well look at it. But we are unlikely to change existing ability controls unless there is a new standardization we like, and we are very unlikely to change something away from the standard. In Leona's case that would make it different from other similar abilities.

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Originally posted by theogravity

Can we please at least get a champion only toggle or button? The no minions setting for attack does not work at all.

Also the press and release (not drag) doesn't work for akali's skill 1 - it always goes off to the side for me vs targeting the champion after skill 3 connects.

I assume you are talking about target lock settings. And this has been a big topic for controls, we are always looking to improve things and the accidental target lock problem does come up.

I just looked at Akali in my game, and I wasn't seeing this issue, and I don't know of a setting that would cause this. If you have a clip of you trying, and your settings we can look at it. It's possible, there is some sort of bug causing this that I am unaware of.

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Originally posted by Coyce

Sorry to hijack this, but are there any plans to add an option that allows me to use the standard attack targeting options (for auto attack only) while the locked target is out of attack range?

Had moments where my locked target flashed and i still wanted to keep it locked but hit some other champs while doing it.

Alternatively i would like to see me locking automatically onto a target if i manually aimed an ability at it if possible.

Of course both should be options, no integrated things

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "add an option that allows me to use the standard attack targeting options (for auto attack only) while the locked target is out of attack range?" Can you elaborate for me?

Assuming your target is still reasonably within range you'll stay locked on them. There are 2 things that come to mind here and I want to make sure I understand.

1) When the target vanishes from sight so you are not still locked on them. But coming back into sight re-locks on them.

2) When the target is out of range of your abilities + some amount, but still visible, your abilities will behave as if you were not target locked. This was done to help with the accidental target lock problem.

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Originally posted by irikyu

only the emote wheel (not required to play, and shouldn't be used in combat) being in the center of the screen.

how else can I easily tilt my opponents by flexing my master badge or that Kassadin Shh badge during clashes?

I generally just leave them in aw and wordless from my 1337 skillz, it helps a lot when I end up misplaying later, but to each their own.

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Originally posted by Top-Pride1804

Don't you have plans on changing the target lock mechanic where if the enemy goes out of sight it would attack the nearest target/lowest hp rather than not do anything?

That is already live, it isn't perfectly "target is out of range, pretend like you are not target locked". Instead, it is "target is out of range + X distance" We did this because we still feel aiming, and learning ability ranges are important skill tests. There are also points where a target might be just out of range and you expect them to take a step forward, or want to zone them.

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Originally posted by Coyce

Sorry, what i mean by that is if i am a melee champion and say i locked on to an ezreal and he creates distance through his S3 while the enemy support (let's say it's a Leona) wailers on me, if i keep pressing the attack button my champion won't automatically attack Leona but try to hit Ezreal who is now out of range.

Would be cool if i could attack Leona without losing the lock-on for ezreal in case i get close enough or if i wait for a skill to be off cooldown to aim at him.

It's a really small quality of life change, but right now for melee champs i have to keep locking and unlocking or risk simply not doing any damage everytime my preferred target leaves my range


Here is a short video i made to better visualize what i am trying to say

Thanks for the detailed feedback and video. This relates to the 2nd point "ability range + X amount" It looks like that X amount might be a little too far.

We want to make sure that you don't accidentally target someone you didn't intend to, such as if Ezreal flashed away, and you wanted to chase him. We could run into issues where he blinked right before you hit attack and you would instead "waste" your Q on Leona, or worse a minion. Though I agree the X range might be a little too far, at least for melee champions.

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Originally posted by mRozwold

I would also love a champions button only. Maybe add toggle for the main attack button -> [champions only ON], [champions only OFF].

It is very unlikely we add per button settings. Settings already have a low usage rate, and each setting we add makes settings as a whole more difficult to navigate/set up. I do think there is a world where we expand or change the current target lock settings (All, No Minions/Monsters, No target Lock) though.

I am curious for anyone reading this, particularly those that use No Minions/Monsters. This option allows you to "select" Minions/Monsters by attempting to target lock on a Minion/Monster, but they are not a valid target. This means you can't lock onto them, so what the system does is it lets you "select" the target, briefly focusing onto them. This basically means that your next attack will hit that target.

Do you use this "select"? Or is it a problem? Did you even know it functioned this way?

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Originally posted by ChartNew3237

Why does riot release 200 year champs? Warwick and vex are good additions but yone and Gwen are completely unnecessary.

(It must be for selling more skins right? 😅)

One ability description of these champs is bigger than nasus's entire kit

I could add some words to Nasus's kit if that addresses your concern. You might have noticed that I can be long-winded.

Really though we consider a bunch of factors when releasing champions. Themes, playstyle, popularity, diversity of the class, diversity of their play position.

You might say Gwen is unnecessary, but I say she is an AP Baronlaner, with a killer theme.

You might say Yone is unnecessary, but I say he is a very popular champion with an appealing theme and flashy playstyle.

Warwick and Vex are both great (I worked on them both, I'm glad you are excited for them), and they touch on many important traits too. But not every champion is going to appeal to you, I would much rather ship champions that some people love and decide to main, and others hate and ban, than champions everyone feels ok about.

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Originally posted by ghost_cleanse

There are 3 type of target lock right? All target/no minions, structure/ no target.

In no minions, structure setting abilities and autos still go off on minions if champion is just 0.00001 unit out of range. Akali Q auto aim can turn to minion instead of champ as result.

They're suggesting remove non-champ from second setting completely or make a toggle button to further control it.

I main Draven and I have no way to dodge minions with auto. Minion button should be more than enough. Dashes abilities like Yasuo, Irelia can be exception

So changing the target lock setting to a "can target" setting.

We will not be making a setting that only means you can only hit X.

This is actually something we recently tested internally and it creates situations where you can just spam your ability and as soon as an enemy champion moves into range you hit them. This removes all aiming/timing and instead pushes things too close to being automated.

The obvious example here is to imagine if Janna's 2 could only hit champions, she would just be able to mash 2 and as soon as you got in range you would get hit. This is the same in the example of Draven's basic attacks. We feel players learning their attack ranges is a valuable skill test, though you can circumvent this "accidentally hit minion" with a target lock.

It is also not the case that if a target is 0.0001 units out of range you will target something else. I don't have the exact ranges, but I just tested with Draven's basic attack and for him to swap targets his locked target needs to be something like 150% of Draven's basic attack range for the system to behave as if Draven is not target locked.

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Originally posted by theogravity

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Given your comments, I spent more time with akali to give her a second chance and it seems it's more of a mechanical issue with myself than it is with auto-targeting.

No worries, we are always looking to improve the game's controls. We don't want the controls to be a barrier for players.

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Originally posted by ChartNew3237

Then why yuumi ? Don't tell me many people love and main her 😂.

I'm not telling ChartNew3237, I'm telling whoever else reads this that isn't ChartNew3237, but Yuumi is a popular champion in both PC and Wild Rift, regardless of elo ranges, and I think regions.