30 Nov


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What do you think about Fiora jungle? I’ve always felt confused about where I should be in objectives and teamfights, when I should gank etc., it’s much easier with Gwen for me, even though I main Fiora. I wish I could feel confident with her in the jungle 😅

She isn't particularly popular in the jungle but seems to do well partially at higher levels of play. Unfortunately, I don't play her myself, so I don't have much info on how to play her, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone else here has some tips.


Gwen jungle has been strong since her release, and I don't expect she'll ever be weak in the position. As a good rule of thumb Baron Lane champions perform well in the jungle and the Baron Lane.


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There's a post riot made it's like 3 paragraphs and thought the whole reading, you can find puns that straight away make you say "oh it's Ashe" etc. and one of them was something like an enemy where the crows fly idk something like that. The crows make you think of Swain. Maybe it's fiddlesticks. That all I can say

It was fun to write, I just hope I didn't do an unkindness and murder anyone's hopes for their favorite champions.

25 Nov


Months ago we made a balance change to the active on W, in part, to make sure the active was called out in the patch notes and it had a bit more visibility. Not everyone is going to check out the patch notes though.

But now think about how good you are on going to be with Vayne when you weren't even using your full power before.

22 Nov


This is amazing, and I love it!


Looking at our data the VAST majority of players stick to the default rec items at all levels of play. Some players will adapt their builds to the situation, and we do what that, but the default loadouts represent a large amount of what players are likely to build.

18 Nov


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I know this post is old now, but have you considered a ward item as a boot upgrade? Then you would have to choose between it and something like locket, so supports still have legitimate options outside of a ward item, but gives a little extra vision if that's what you're interested in.

It's highly unlikely we would create a warding boot enchant. Players really like how tactical the boot enchants are, and we don't like the idea of creating a highly strategic option that supports, or their team, feel supports MUST pick up.

10 Nov


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I’m glad to receive official confirmation that many skins are on the way for Sion!

Btw, a big thank you to you and the rest of the Wild Rift team for your work. Regardless of whatever design decisions us peanut gallery members disagree with, it is clear that the team cares about making a fun product.

Thanks! I'm always impressed with the drive/dedication of the team. We can't always get it right 100% but it is nice to hear that the care shines through.


Sion is showing his midriff.

25 Oct


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It might be Fiddlesticks rather than Swain since Swain is more associated with Ravens than crows.

Could be crows, could be ravens. I didn't really get a good look, I was generally afraid to get close, but when I was drawn in they would fly away.

I'm getting mixed emotions seeing "story" in quotes...

24 Oct


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I’ve heard rumors that there’s plague rats feasting on those who stray from the pack, comrades falling asleep before vanishing by the hands of a starry eyed trickster.

Twitch and Zoe.

~~>we found ourselves surrounded by a little devil, a half-dragon, and the cunning nine-tailed fox…all ghosts from our pasts, but with the shine of something new. The encounter was a reminder to us that as our Rift grows older we’ll sometimes have to re-explore and re-visit our past adventures.

Aurelion Sol and Ahri reworks. Not sure who the “little devil” is referring to, makes me think of Teemo, but he didn’t get a full on rework, just some changes here and there. ~~

I’m dumb, I forgot we already got the Ahri rework lol so that’s just a look back at past changes they already implemented, not upcoming ones. Although I think the last bit suggests they will continue to bring reworks and updates to champs in the future.


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Oh is that who I met on my journey? I need to be better at asking for names.

24 Sep


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Right, but the number value for each of those, is that just overall AD/AP, is that number per attack, or something else?

Reason I’m asking is I’m getting more into the game and want to get away from prebuilt builds and buying items based on matchups. So just trying to figure out the best way to determine in game what champs do what

AD is a stat you get from items, generally this relates to physical damage, it's on swords, bows that type of stuff. If your champion focuses on dealing physical damage they likely want a bunch of this. It also increases your basic attack's damage.

AP is the same but it typically scales magic damage dealing, or enchanter type effects. This doesn't increase basic attack damage (with certain champion specific exceptions).

Really what matters is looking at your champion's abilities and see what icons show up. Or use the recommended/top 3 builds as a reference point and look for similar items.

23 Sep


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I don't understand why u don't buff kaisa.she has low winrate according to wildstats for several patches and official china winrates confirmed it.she has lowest winrate among adc champs in china server. It seems like riot forgets about some champs and only remembers that they need a buff when they want to release new skins for those champs.

No new skin for kaisa in several patches=no buff even if she has bad winrate .

So normally I wouldn't take the bait and only respond to people who seem interested in hearing responses, rather than arguing, but I'll bite.

First, the balance team does not take skins into account, they don't even know what skin release plans are, and are not judged based on the success of skins or revenue.

God Fist Lee Sin was the last example I used, so I'll stick to it here. We have wanted to Buff Lee Sin for a while, (he isn't doing great), but players feel he is strong. The skin came out, we didn't buff him, because of player perception even though (from looking at just winrate data) he needs it.

Second, it really depends on what brackets you are talking about Winrate isn't universal across the board and it really comes down to how you look at the data, and this is particularly true for Kai'Sa. Because of how our loadout system works the VAST majority of players just build the next item in line. This means they will rush Stormrazor, when you should...

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21 Sep


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Perfect source found xd

But i do have a question though... the website https://wildstats.gg is it a reliable source for getting stats about the game, like average winrates or most played Champions?

I know on the bottom of the page it says: Wildstats isn't endorsed by Riot Games (...).

But this isn't very well specified and doesn't give me a straight forward answer

When I see it quoted the data is often very far off from our own data (no champions are anywhere close to -40% in their intended roles). I haven't looked at what is shown on playrate, so I can't speak to that.


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  3.  Riot bases their nerfs and buffs based on the Chinese server, that in itself tells us that the stats are reliable.

Where’s the source on this?

We do look at Chinese winrate data, but that doesn't mean we only look at that data, and ignore the rest of the world.

We look at everything we can when making changes. Chinese champion data isn't always 1:1 with the rest of the world, but it is generally similar.


This is intentional, we don't want players to be forced into taking X rune to help with their jungle clear, that is why they are focused around pvp power and explicitly avoid procing on monsters.

19 Sep


Fun fact this was developed after I was playing with a friend and I watched him rub his face into the wall while lining up a Pantheon ultimate.


The champions we added to new roles were added because they already were seeing reasonable success in those roles. Ashe wasn't seeing much success as a support, however it is possible that the new items change that, if that is the case we will likely update her roles to add support.

17 Sep


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When I suggested a hybrid pen item I meant an item that shares the unique passive of LW and Void, so that they don't stack, like the rage passive that both Trinity and BC share. Gunblade and Riftmaker could share the same unique passive vamp as well so that they don't stack.

That is an option, but it does add complexity to the system (knowing that these don't stack or not letting players buy both, confusion with the shop and being locked into mid tier items). And even ignoring that it ignores all the other points I brought up, for unclear gains.

I guess let's start with why is hybrid attractive in the first place? What does a hybrid build meaningfully differently?


Slow down slow down, let me grab my pen.