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Originally posted by Brusex

Like every champ isn’t some sort of op on release and forget about the ones already in the game to those too

I think at this point we have a better history of releasing a champion under powered. Nautilus, Ekko, Pyke, hell Yummi was the weakest we have ever released. There are a few exceptions, (Brand, Asol, and Kayle) but it's been a while since any of them.

I haven't seen Kassadin's numbers yet, but the team is learning a lot about gaging a champion's release power and their growth as players get familiar with them.

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Originally posted by Elugorn

Yuumi, Ekko weak ? In which time space ? Yuumi banned every single game and ekko in high elo is abused by 30% players.

Time: Their release

Space: Wild Rift.

You gotta remember I am talking about their release, even now neither are particularly strong. And Banrate does not equal power, it is a better measure of frustration or at least perceived power. Pickrate is similar, in that popular champions are often not the strongest ones, the truth is that some people enjoy playing certain champions regardless of if they are OP or not. As for 30% of players playing anything, I don't think anyone has had that high of a pick rate, Ekko is just a popular champion even when weak.

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Originally posted by Elugorn

Is that so ? Did riot perhaps forgot Rengar then ? :)

Nope, if I remember correctly Rengar was fine at release, but he has been out for a while now.

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Originally posted by Elugorn

Im talking about how Rengar is utter garbage right now.

It really depends on where you are looking, he could definitely use some love at lower elos, but he is actually fine at the highest levels of play. Looking at his items the VAST majority of players are building BC first, but he does much better with Triforce or DS. If you are struggling then I suggest rushing one of those instead. Rengar is deceptively complex and seems to have a much steeper connection to MMR than most champions, but that also means that he scales a lot with player skill/player knowledge. Ideally, we would love to make him a bit better at lower elos, and I think we have some planned, however, I'm not on the balance team so I'm a bit out of the loop on the details.