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In addition, we should also be able to block trolls from being in the same matches as us. I reported a troll some time ago, and today, before writing this post, I met that same troll, he was on my team like last time, and he quit earlygame.

If Riot cannot even give us these features so we can be at least certain that they're being dealt with, what even is the point of reporting?

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Personally, I totally agree. Also fwiw I do know the team (I dont work on this feature personally) has talked with other Riot teams (valorant, LoR, League pc) about their strategies and to inform our long term strategy in this space. Again, I promise nothing nor do I know but I do think there is alot of merit in having personal ownership over the social impact you as an individual have in and on the community. The more each person feels empowered to make a positive change, the more involved everyone becomes :) We build this community together