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I have been patiently waiting since this was announced.. you would think they would want to keep people excited... I am really losing my interest, if they don't give a sh*t about us.. enough to keep us in the loop, why should we care?

Also.. any news on console versions? Some transparency would be appreciated..

-sincerely a guy who played league since 2011

Edit: Title typo.. neat

Edit 2: Got a meaningful response, no detailed info, but that is on the higher-ups. Hopefully it comes soon.. :(

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Originally posted by Nights0nRepeat

It just sucks. Like I bet they will just silently roll the beta out this month in NA, no release date or hype. Just hey.. yeah NA comes 5 months from now in March. That's the last of it.

Trust me, we are just as anxious to tell y'all whats up as you are anxious to hear it. I promise you we are working as hard and fast as possible to get everyone news asap. However, as you might guess, its pretty bad form to share information that isn't solid or is likely to change. Thats why sometimes (speaking generally here) news is often delayed to make sure the released information is accurate.

Thats the intellectual answer, emotionally though it feels more like GAH IM SO EXCITED AND I WANNA KNOW BUT THERES NO NEWS, WHY GOD WHY DO THEY HATE ME?!?!?! *ahem*

I promise you its the exact opposite, we actually love you :D. Well, at least that how I feel :). Either way, thank you (and everyone) for being patient! Everyone on the team really does love and appreciate all of y'alls passion & excitement <3

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Originally posted by dameddy

stop browsing reddit and fix your game

but like how will I keep up with the dank memes?