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Is this a thing that happens sometimes?

It was a ranked game so a bit of a bummer. I got a leaver penalty, I never left, afk'd, d/c, or sat around doing nothing or anything like that at any point during the game. In fact I was even doing quite well in the game with a positive kda and high teamfight contribution etc.

I got a message about being idle and needing to do something in the middle of an actual teamfight! I thought that's weird but surely it was a buggy message..

But nope, a few minutes later when chasing after scuttle or something I get the message that I'll be punished and I was.
Has this happened to anyone else before? It really bummed me out.

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Originally posted by robotbeatrally

No I was playing blitzcrank.

Can you DM me your playername, region (NA, EU, SEA, etc.), rough time/timezone for that game? We spent a lot of time tuning to reduce false positives, but we knew some were going to slip through the cracks when we turned it on for tons of players. Help us improve the system!

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Originally posted by robotbeatrally

yeah hopefully they will! I was just curious if it's something that happens to other people or if it was just a complete fluke.

Not a complete fluke, but hopefully very, very rare.