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Why is no one talking about this?

I say why is no one but that may not be true, it’s just I personally have not seen anyone talking about this.

Ever since elemental rift has been “released” we’ve not heard any mentions on how Shyvana will be reworked to fit in with the new system. Sure you can still play her, but with 1 missing dragon she gets 1 less “evolved” skill. Have I missed the part where riot have said anything about this? I understand it would be difficult to rework a single champion for a LTM, but honestly it’s integral to her kit. If I was releasing a mode that limits shyvana in a sense I would’ve released a version of her to go along with it. We as players can all give feedback on what we like and don’t like with elemental rift, but from the start Shyvana should’ve been incorporated so we also can give feedback on her kit. Just my opinion, I’m really looking forward to the new patch, as well as a new Lulu skin!

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Don't worry she isn't forgotten, and we have a small passive rework planned to account for the Elemental Rift changes. It really comes down to how Elemental Rift shapes up. Because, like you said, she is so tied to dragons we needed to see how Elemental Rift will look before making the change to Shyvana.