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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
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Hi everyone!

The update is now Live, you can read the Patch Notes of our latest Hotfix below.
Please also note the following points:
  • Our team is actively working on fixing as many bugs & issues as possible. Thank you for your detailed reports. Regarding possible exploits, several were already identified & fixed; They will always be treated with extreme severity. Preventing exploit is and will remain one of our priorities, so please report any exploit you could find.
  • We have investigated on skins disappearances and the latter should now be fixed. Let us know if you have any issue with the Sorcerer skins.
  • Regarding the users who didn't receive their Twitch Drop Reward despite the latter being awarded on Twitch: Please open a ticket[] with us, we would be able to support you.
  • Digital Kickstarter rewards should be sent out via mail very soon, thanks for your patience.
  • We are now able to publish updates/hotfixes more often, three hotfixes have already been published since the release of bloodtrail. Further updates will be made as we fix issues and add improvements. Your Reports are very valuable for us, thank you for your time and understanding.

  • Gunslinger's Brand:Now gains 20% damage for each additional projectile modifier
  • 'Avenger' Autoturret: Now gains 20% damage for each additional projectile modifier.
  • Fate Adjudicatrix Zeitgeist: Increased price of gems to better reflect the changes in primordial affinity gain.
  • Warbeast: reduced speed and turn rate relentess charge
  • Fixed some “DRAGONRIDER” that can still be possessed.

  • Hunt improvements:
    • Hunt choices that increase the damage of the prey are rescaled: the bonus damage value is reduced.
    • Reduced difficulty of hunt bosses that spawn during the campaign.
    • Reduced occurrence of hunts that would only offer one choice.
    • Bonuses to hunt currencies from hunt choices are now only multiplicative in order to better scale with high level hunts.

  • Fixed an issue where some hunts would not offer any choice.
  • Fixed some occurences of hunts not giving the bonus items with tributary affixes that they were supposed to.
  • Fixed some occurences of some hunt boss modifiers that would not be displayed correctly in the hunt choices and summary UIs.

  • Fixed an issue where the sorcerer skins would disappear from the cosmetic inventory.
  • Fixed an issue allowing stacked reagents to be put in the Crafting Inventory, and thus losing the excess ones while crafting.
  • Fixed an audio issue causing the sound to sometimes drop completely
  • Fixed a server crash randomly happening while dragging items in and out of the Crafting UI.
  • Enhancements brought to the latency in Online mode so it feels & play smoother for players

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