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27 Aug

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  • Chapter III Boss: Improved the indicators for the fire projectiles so that they better fit the actual size of the explosion.
  • Chapter III Boss: Fixed to the fire projectiles sometimes not exploding when colliding with the ground.
  • Fixed an issue preventing damage type conversion to work on default attacks. This affected the following nodes in the Gate of Fates: "Primal Power"(Warmonger), "Blood Reaper"(Warmonger), "Blessing of the Jade Legion"(Assassin), "Initial Spark"(Child of Fury) and "Conflagration"(Child of Fury).
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29 Jul

28 Jul

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Even though we focused on bug fixing for the past months, and fixed a lot of issues, there are still bugs in the game. We tried our best to prioritize bug fixing during Second Dawn and first address the issues that would impact you all the most, based on playtesting and your feedback. However, some of these issues might take a substantial time to be fixed. We identified the majority of them, and we will try and address them as soon as possible.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of known issues that are active on Patch 1.0.16.

  • We identified dupe issues remaining and are actively working on fixing all of them.
  • Joining a party who has just finished an Untainted Expedition but not exited the area allows the newly joining players to see the red portal usually used for regular Expeditions.
  • The Expedition consumable Hidden Coffers allows for the player to teleport manually back to Stormfall and does not automatically te...
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27 Jul

24 Jul

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Hello everyone!

We are currently working on a balancing overhaul that will affect every aspect of Wolcen character customization: skills, Gate of Fate, skill modifiers, items, and more.

Considering the size of the overhaul, we couldn’t complete it for next week’s patch but plan to release it with our first Chronicle.

In order to provide a better player experience in the wait of the big update, we worked on a smaller skill balancing patch that will come along wi... Read more

10 Jul

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Hello everyone!

The Second Dawn patch will be coming soon with its bug fixing, balancing changes, and performance improvements. Today, we would like to share some major improvements this patch will bring to game performance.

These last few months, we’ve run a lot of tests, gathered tons of feedback, and we’ve spotted a certain number of issues related to performance impacts, whether you are in simple a scenario or in a complex endgame fight.

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25 Jun

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Hello everyone!

We know that you’ve been expecting some news from the status of the team and our progress on future content, and we would like to share a bit more about the upcoming plans for Wolcen.

Our team is curr... Read more

04 Jun

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Hello everyone!

This is the last patch before the Second Dawn( patch in July. Although we've fixed a few issues already, we will make a more substantial patch for Second Dawn, inc... Read more

13 May

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  • Fixed an item duplication glitch with the Jewe...
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06 May

23 Apr

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Hello everyone!

The Extended Soundtrack of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is coming on May 6!

Composed and arranged by Cédric Baravaglio and Jean-Gabriel Raynaud, this Soundtrack contains 7 volumes of music for a total of 182 tracks, including bonus tracks, ambient, dramatic, epic music, and cutscenes scores.

For this special occasion, we want to share with you two tracks included in the Extended Soundtrack, a small preview from the 8-hours-long journey to c... Read more

18 Feb

    calistaen on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hello everyone!

Our game community have setup this Bug/Exploit/Improvements Report Tool to help fellow players submit bugs and exploits as well as improvement and suggestions in order to send to us all reports.

Please fill the form to the best of your knowledge and describe the steps to reproduce the bugs and/or exploits.
You can also write suggestions and improvements to the game on their appropriate sections at the end of the report.

This form is completely anonymous and you are not required to fill out any personal or identifiable information, but if you do wish to be contacted, please write your contact information on the last section, this is totally optional but it will help us if we need more information/details, etc...

Please find the Report Tool here:

25 Sep

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Además de las normas de steam, nos gustaría ser más precisos sobre las reglas que se tienen que respetar en estos foros:

1. Respeta otros puntos de vista, incluso si tú no los compartes. Todos nosotros tenemos diferentes opiniones, está bien expresarlas, tanto si son positivas como negativas. No seas irrespetuoso con los demás solo porque ellos no tienen la misma opinión que tú.
2. Expresa tu punto de vista respetuosamente. Tú puedes estar enfadado o en desacuerdo, no hay problema con eso. Lo que no puedes hacer es insultar, desprestigiar el trabajo hecho por los demás o expresar tu opinión con odio.
3. Se constructivo. Siempre es más fáci... Read more

24 Sep

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Как дополнение к общим правилам Steam мы хотели бы добавить ещё свои правила, которых нужно придерживаться в этом форуме.

1. Имейте уважение к точке зрения других, даже если она не совпадает с вашей точкой зрения: у нас у всех свои мнения, и говорить о чем-то позитивно или негативно - нормально, тем не менее не нужно переходить границы.
2. Выражайте свою точку зрения с уважением к другим: будь вы разочарованы или сердиты - это нормально. Запрещено оскорблять, обесценивать проделаную работу и выражаться отвратительно (мат, брань и пр.).
3. Выражайте свою точку зрения конструктивно: Всегда легче понять человека когда он конструктивно все объясн... Read more