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Greetings Captains,

Welcome to the final edition of the New Player Captain's Log! For those of you who aren't sure what this is or what it might do, feel free to check out the introductory post here.

With each topic I discuss, I also added a question at the end to see how y’all feel about things in comparison to how I feel. I just thought it would be an interesting way to get some discussion going!

Without further ado, let’s proceed with this week’s Log!

Focus Points of the Week
Here’s a list of the focus points for this week:
1. Experiment with slightly higher tier ships to test my own growth
2. Give the New Player Captain’s Log a proper send-off

As anyone who watched the NA Community Stream from last week knows, I was able to finally get my hands on a Musashi, and I tried her out for the first time live on stream. Going into this week, I knew I needed to give myself a little test: play some matches at higher tiers and evaluate my performance. Let’s just say…I need to stay in Tiers 6-7 for a little while longer. That being said, it certainly wasn’t the fault of the ship! Musashi felt very much like a Yamato at Tier 9 to me, which did feel quite good and powerful! She is a big bote so it felt like I was a target right away most of the time, but at least you have the armor and health to take a bit of a beating. That being said, even specializing in the ship to reduce fire chance didn’t stop me from getting lit constantly. This, combined with just a general skill overmatch at the tier made it so I was relatively ineffective most of the time. This allowed me to realize that staying in those lower, middle tiers to continue to develop my skills for a bit longer will probably be beneficial to me.

Question: Since the Musashi has been around for quite some time now, do you still feel that she is quite powerful for her tier? Or has she come back down to earth in comparison to other releases?

After experimenting with some higher tier play, I was feeling a bit humbled. Clearly I have grown in skill, as I feel I hold my own in the middle tiers, but I have not grown so much as to be a competitive force at higher tiers. This lead me to dropping back down to Tier 6 and going back to the French BB line that I was quite enjoying several months ago. I have to say, I still quite enjoy the Normandie and the line as a whole! I recently discovered that despite not being a battlecruiser technically, Normandie is still one of the fastest BBs at the tier, which was a shock to me! That being said, the downside of Normandie (and perhaps French BBs as a whole) is a much weaker armor scheme. Her citadel in particular seems easy to hit from longer distances with more accurate boats, and it’s easy to get shredded if you aren’t angling exactly right to bounce shells of ships that don’t overmatch you (because there are ships that do overmatch at the tier, believe me). The tricky part is to get all your guns on a target, as that will likely mean exposing your broadside more than you would like. All of that is worth it for the unique turret structure and decent ballistics though, imo. Can’t wait to keep grinding through this line!

Question: Is it wild for me to think the French BB line is one of my favorite tech tree lines I have played so far? What are your impressions of the line?

As I mentioned in a few of the previous Captain’s Logs, this entry will be the final one. I hope it is obvious that it isn’t ending because of some nefarious reason. The main reasons I am choosing to end it are twofold: First, as I have been with the company for over a year at this point, my responsibilities are continuing to expand, and thus I am running out of time in the week to complete everything. Second, even though I am still not what I would consider to be a “good player,” I feel that I have grown beyond the moniker of “new player.” I am approaching 600 matches on my main account, and that isn’t even factoring in the countless other matches I have completed in PTS or other scenarios. I have a lot more to learn in this game, but I can certainly say that I now know more about this game than the average person, and that is (at least in part) thanks to the valuable knowledge I have gained from each and every one of you who read and commented on these blogs. I can say with full certainty that you have all helped me grow exponentially, and I am quite grateful that you not only assisted me when needed, but also supported me and allowed me to grow at my own pace. With the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this such an enjoyable experience for me! And if you happen to be reading this at some point in the future, I hope the posts and the comments are as equally useful for you as they were for me.

Question: Did you learn something from reading these logs over the past year? Were you someone who provided advice? Feel free to sound off in the replies with how the Log impacted you, if you wish!

I think that about covers it for our final entry into the New Player Captain’s Log! I want to remind everyone that the New Player Captain’s Log was designed to be a place for new players to reply with their experiences or seek advice as well, so feel free to join in on the conversation below (in this thread or any others)!

This is the part where I usually say, “See you next week for some more New Player musings.” Since this is the end of the road, I will just say, “Fair winds and following seas!” as well as one last, profound THANK YOU!

about 2 months ago - Konception - Direct link

One of the benefits of working for Wargaming. :)

about 2 months ago - Konception - Direct link

Also, thank you all so much for the kind words! Reading how much a few of you enjoyed this brings a tear to the eye.