12 days ago - Maredraco - Direct link

We are still working on figuring out the balance in terms of number of subs on each mode.

12 days ago - Ev1n_NA - Direct link

As you guys concluded, a lot of the points here are personal opinions from either side. It's difficult to respond to that without looking at the data.

However, I do agree with the point that having a battle artificially extended just because there is one sub left somewhere is not good, because it doesn't really contribute anything to player experience in this mode. We'll do our best to address that aspect.

11 days ago - Ev1n_NA - Direct link

The only problem i have with this statement is the assumption that a vast majority have an issue with it, which is simply not true. The initial sub test we ran had a mostly negative split from surveying players who played in it, but over the next test iterations this changed to roughly even split to mostly positive, with specific items mentioned to be addressed.

However, i do agree with you that there are some specific issues being mentioned that make subs detract from the experience in co-op. We will address those to make sure that most players can enjoy the mode.

Thank you. Even though trolling its at least polite and i can appreciate that.