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The amount of time you are out of the match is recorded. Some above have mentioned they were disconnected mid-match but were able to re-enter and be rewarded as normal. In the case of a lengthy afk, the system may not be as forgiving.

Everyone understands that your internet may be out of your control, but your teammates are still down a player when the situation happens. Folks are reasonable when the AFK is short, but long AFKs are a problem even if your team ends up winning in the end.

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At the moment, I'm aware of no amount of damage which means a player can simply AFK after reaching that point. 50,000 damage could be achieved in a few minutes of play, for instance, but could leave most of the game remaining unplayed.

The intention of the system is that players joining a battle should participate in that battle. The recent revision aims for someone participating in the sizable amount of the battle as opposed to just being present at the end of it.

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It looks like you were:

able to play for the first 1:45.

disconnected for 4:45 or so.

able to play for the next 6:40.

Overall your play in game was significant, but the nearly 5 minutes of disconnect was significant as well.

Yes, we record if you hit "Leave Battle" or not. As you mentioned, you load into the same game if you were disconnected from it.

You should not assume that people aren't willing to disconnect from a match by unplugging their internet. People can and will go to great lengths to avoid penalties.

Regardless of how a player leaves/gets disconnected/AFKs in a game, it still hurts their teammates. The system we have sanctions that.

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