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We will take action, as committed. I do hope you will be able to see that over time.

As for the stock exchange article, i've already commented on it in the other thread - it's not relevant to anything that's happening, but i don't want any stupid conspiracy theories based on it.

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Sure, you may see it like this, but then if it's this black and white for you it sounds like we're irredeemable. If so, what's even the point of me trying to talk to the community and addressing some of the communications issues?

Saying that the game's economy or the development process are "hardly rocket science" is not exactly a solid argument either when you don't have visibility on internal processes and technical solutions. As we've said, we would tweak that mission until it gives the same return on average as the bonus did before and so we are doing. Players managed to gather a small data set that hinted at inconsistencies in the extremes of the earnings curve and this is fine. Saying that this course of events is a clear sign of malice or incompetence is just conjecture.

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I absolutely understand that a part of the player base doesn't trust us and want to see immediate change, preferable in all categories of pain points.

However, that's not realistic, because we have inertia and operational or business limitations which inform the deadlines we've communicated. We could have not communicated and waited until we are closer to those deadlines, so that it feels like we're taking more immediate action on what seem to be the more important points.

We chose instead to communicate sooner and then show progressive changes in some of the categories and work up to the bigger ones.

Evolution and not revolution.

As I've said, we will give you updates on the progress of those commitments over time.

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