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We've got a survey for the current patch. We're a week in, so hopefully everyone has had a chance to splash around with the ducks and more~

Let us know what ya think <3

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Surveys are broken down and analyzed, recorded, and sent out to employees in the company to know about the current state of the product and players' views on it.

If you dislike something, you should speak up. If you like something, you should speak up. Not speaking up just means your thoughts aren't included in those reports, which doesn't help it best reflect the situation.


The Community Teams report on community thoughts and behaviors daily and weekly, so the general mood and concerns of the playerbase are known regardless. Still, this is another avenue by which to make your voice heard so it's absolutely good to make use of it <3

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Zero confidence in... what exactly?

Community Teams report feedback in Weekly Reports, Targeted Reports, and Daily should things jump out. We also have targeted meetings to discuss specific issues and pain points when relaying feedback and information. This is part of our job and work flow.

The Survey listed above is analyzed and reported on. It's an alternate method of feedback collection as it's player-direct, albeit en masse, as opposed to relayed via community conduit. After the survey results are broken down, the results are sent out internally so people can see what information there is and to know if it matches or differs from other observations.

I'm not very sure what about the above doesn't make sense or results in zero confidence?


I'm guessing you are more saying that you don't see results from negative feedback and worry that it is ignored? Feedback is not ignored, but solutions to the feedback aren't easy. We have a global product with a global playerbase, so while some situations tend to have common "If only they'd just [suggestion]!" forms of solutions, but many of those have been tested internally and are not directions we elected to move in. Ultimately, we have a unique game and some of the more complex issues haven't been solved yet, which isn't abnormal for such a wide-reaching and diverse product.

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Response to Monetization Feedback:
Created a Site and System for listing Container information: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/contents-and-drop-rates-of-containers/

Committed to not keeping unique gameplay aspects behind RNG: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/243969-important-message-for-the-community/

Response to Sync-Dropping Issues/Feedback:
Created backend code to remove showing of player battle status: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/265072-new-in-122-how-to-hideinbattlestatus/

Long-standing Community Request:
Creation of new Hot-Tub Battle. This had to be constructed from scratch: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/trouble-in-the-hot-tub/

Continued work on AA/Plane Interaction Pain Points:
Continued announcement of testing: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/424

For explanation of the above DevBlog, you can learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=actCZP6CASs

Submarines are Tier 6+:
Tier 4 CVs are cited as a pain point. Submarines are introduced at a higher tier to avoid lower tier interactions for newer players in response to community concern.

Random Operations/Return of Operations:
Long requested return of removed PvE encounters. Altered format to promote longevity of the mode. Results show that we can look to develop the space further in the future: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/396

Co-Op Compatibility (primary events and side mission-sets):
I perform a "Co-Op Compatibility" review to make sure that all main and side events are able to be completed in Co-Op for each patch. This is in response to Co-Op Main concerns regarding primary patch content as well as side content like Flags, Patches, and other bonus content.

Without attempting to find older posts referencing this issues, the Compatibility Review was started approximately 6-8 months ago. Prior to that, several missions changes were altered due to feedback and concerns even while on live server.

Clan Battle Format Review and Test:
Additional restrictions imposed to allow for greater ship choice/variety. Additional changes announced across the duration of the season to keep interest and playability for CB-specific playerbase: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/411

Ship Balancing Updates and Alterations:
There are too many to list, but standouts are adding Torpedo Reload Booster to the YueYang line to reinvigorate it, Acceleration changes to the Vermont line, Deck Armor reduction and Hull Raising of Petropavlovsk, reduction of plane health and damage on the FDR, and more.

Mode Variety and Tier Variety:
Brawls and Ranked continue to vary in terms of Tiers used, Team Sizes, and Type Format.

Inclusion of more ASW by community request:
US BB Hybrids were tested with ASW and the airstrikes have been added to already existing Hybrids. Dutch Cruisers have Depth Charges while retaining near Dev Strike capability vs subs with their HE Bombs should the sub be caught on the surface.


I can find more, but making the list longer won't change very much. The end result is that the Community Team lives in all the places where folks talk about our game. Major issues like AA/Plane Interactions, Matchmaking Frustrations, and Submarine Interactions aren't easy to solve. While there are commonplace "If they just did [suggestion], it would solve everything!" answers to many or most of most talked about talking points, we are forced to evaluate what is best for the health of the product in the long-term.

It's always worth taking a moment to remember that the game is honestly quite amazing. Folks continue to play it for not just hundreds or thousands of games, but tens of thousands of games.

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