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Idea is cool, but we don't have the technical ability to alter maps that way. We've discussed this before internally.

We would have to make a separate map for each tier selection and design balance for a separate list of enemy ships on each one of them. We'll bring back the old ops with a new difficulty level and see how popular they are and then see how we can add to the replayability.

Thank you for the suggestion though and hope you'll try the ops with the new settings when they come back.


15 days ago - Ev1n_NA - Direct link

Yes, there is a group of players asking for Ops, but it's a small group, while using "market" makes it sound like it's the majority. Which is not to say it's not a relevant request, but it does impact how much priority and resources we assign to it. Also, we are not leaking more or less coop players than we did in previous years - just the normal amount of churn.

Yes, that would be the problem with the current Ops setup, which is also why there is a rotation. When the new mission hits more people are interested to play it and the queue is faster, then the effect fades over the next few days. If we distributed that queue over multiple Ops picks it could kill ops, because the longer queue times would turn the more casual players off.

That could be an interesting idea actually, but we need to check if we have enough variety in ships at those tiers to make an interesting design. Ships at those tiers generally have a slower pace of play, so an Operation there might also feel very slow.