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I did raise this point internally last week.

There should be a publication discussing this topic, but I believe it was delayed. There should be more information when that comes out.

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The 0.11.8 Operation Supporting Missions were only for 0.11.8. The Operations DevBlog is announcing the results of the Operations revamp and our ideas moving forward with other Operations content.

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We altered a few Operations with the current Update to help with their success rates. I've read about a few Aegis frustrations since, so it could be that it needs further tweaking.

Substantive changes would take some time and observation, so Aegis will likely continue as it is for at least another Update or two.

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No, you're connecting dots that don't exist. Aegis was not altered in the current Update, but the feedback I'm reading recently suggests it might be worth looking at.


Per the 0.11.10 Article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-01110-japanese-light-cruisers/

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