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New black ships, themed containers, and combat missions. Read it on the portal

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I'm sorry, it's 10 am and I haven't even gone into the office~ Can you help me understand what you're describing?

If this is about offerings in the Armory, all of the sale information would have been planned out already and is unlikely to be changed. There is User Interface design which is done when designing the store-front. Altering something on the fly is extremely, extremely unlikely to occur.

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@joedoe_hero You might be expecting to re-finish missions you've already completed. The Doubloon-reward combat missions are something received once during a promotional period, they are not annually-refreshed like a different form of snowflake to be cleared.

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It doesn't seem to be in this year's offering.

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Are you saying that Dunkerque B has never been made available ever?

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I don't have the reason why our Sales Department did not include it this year. They can choose to include or exclude ships as they want.

When a ship is offered in a sales event, if there is no announcement of it being offered again at a later time than it should be assumed that the availability is limited to that current sales event.

With respect, you are engaging with me on a Satuday. We work Monday -> Friday, so these are off hours for me.

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Discounts and a combat mission chain in honor of Thanksgiving Day! Read more

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