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Aigle should've seen your planes coming and hung back from yolo'ing the cap.

Your planes were spotted 26 seconds into your replay and you first spotted the Aigle 35 seconds later. That's a lot of time to reconsider hard yolo'ing the cap and seeing what Happy Ending is waiting inside. "We bomb you long time, $5"

Secondly, he smoked and never used it, which was bizarre. However, maybe he was worried he'd be torped out of his smoke by the DD that was firing at him?

Either way, he overcommitted into a known threat and ran out of his only backup plan.


Question to you, can I borrow you for a Training Room? I'd like to run a Tier 6 DD and see how long I can last against you in a Bearn.

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It's absolutely powerful, sure. The AP Bombs are functional, but the CV is just Skip bombs and Fighters so that is the majority of its power budget. Even the hull speed is super slow as an additional power drain.

As much as I agree, even if you weren't there he could still have died. He was going to yolo that cap whether you existed or not. If he didn't know to stop when he smoked, even worse as the DD and Cruiser that were shoving the cap would've hurt him badly.

He certainly may have paniced under your attacks, but the play was fairly normal for "I'm in a DD and I'm supposed to go to the cap". You see it quite often, but that doesn't make it a play that won't get the DD killed.

[Insert "My DDs die in under 3 minutes" ranting in chat]

Ultimately, every play a player makes comes down to the player. He had 35 seconds to see you coming, and he still yolo'd alone (you didn't even spot a cruiser on his flank) into an overwhelming force.

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New ships can certainly be powerful or weak, and for extended periods of time.

As for now, she's only been out for a month or so. Barring extreme outliers, we typically collect data for 2-3 patches before we start looking at if changes are needed, so there's still more time for people to try her out and see who can make her do what.

I like her a lot, and I know many others that do too, but there are also CV players that feel she is simply unplayable because they want to hunt Cruisers and Battleships in other ways. Everyone will have their own taste/playstyle.

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The Rocket-Delay was to provide additional counterplay for everything that could be hit by rockets. Also, it teaches what the rockets are and how they are fired through use of the machine guns.

Rockets were changed to a broadside delivery method as standard, but the information still wasn't making it out to the playerbase. The new machine gun animation allows players to readily understand the mechanics of the planes after only a few interactions as opposed to researching them on YouTube.


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