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This is a nice write-up!

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General playability is a required concern. Most people considered proficient at the game fall within a single digit percentile of the playerbase. Fortunately there are Clan Battles and Ranked which can cater to higher-skilled play, but the grand majority of play is more chaotic and random as many people enjoy sailing ships and shooting other ships for fun as opposed to embracing high-order tactical play and metric based results.


There was a GDC presentation from Riot Games which discussed how balance challenges have to be considered across the bredth of the playerbase as opposed to on only the theoreticals. If a fun watch if you have some time.

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League is a very skill-shot based game with numbers balancing in the .2 to 1 second "windows". The balancing metrics they have to use are of a rather different sense than ours.

Also, in the beginning of the video the description is that player variance is not a matter for 10% or 30% better from bottom to top, it is in the hundreds if not thousands of % increases. This concept is important to remember in terms of forum arguments that involve player amounts which number in the 10's out of a player population of hundreds of thousands or more.

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