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In Update 0.11.8, we've added a new way to clear "Snowflakes"~ What are Snowflakes? That's what people call the little symbols on your Tier 5+ ships in your port. For this update, they are called "Festive Rewards"!

If you see this icon on a ship, there's a prize waiting to be obtained!

How do you get the prize? Well, there are two ways~


Claiming the Prize (the old fashioned way):

If you mouse over the Festive Reward you'll see this description

If you play the ship and either Win or get at least 300 Base XP, you'll claim the Festive Reward on that ship. The icon will disappear once it's been claimed <3


Claiming the Prize (the NEW way!):

If you perform well in battle, you'll get to clear the Festive Reward off other ships in Port! How do you do this? By going here~

Mousing over the area provides a pop-up that's got a lot of information in it.

The TLDR is: "If you have a lot of ships, you can get these tokens from playing well. The more ships you have, and the better you play, the more tokens you get per battle <3"

Inside the section is a window that looks like this...

I have 2 tokens that I can use to instantly grab my rewards from a ship I haven't played a battle on yet! Maybe I'll select two Superships so I can save some Credits and get the big Rewards from them~
Click "Claim Rewards"...
click "Yes..."

and POOF ()... the Festive Reward disappears from those ship and I receive my stuff <3 (Festive Rewards for SuperShips are Supercontainers~)


If you have LOTS OF SHIPS you can clear not only the Festive Reward (Snowflake) in a battle... but now you can clear -MULTIPLE- ships from a single game <3

Much Savings! Yay Time!

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For the 600 Base XP Game Example above:

You get the Reward from your ship that you played, because...

and you get 1 Token to use in the Port Section because...

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You can only gain a Reward from a ship once.

You can only earn Tokens to clear extra Rewards while using a ship that still has a Reward token on it.

If you only play 1 ship for the entire Update, you will clear the Reward off that ship (if you Win or receive 300+ Base XP). During the match you play while the Reward token is still on that ship, you could earn additional Tokens based off the performance in that match.

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The Tokens that can be used to clear ships from Port are only there for that one task. Definitely use them to clear your Festive Rewards as quickly and easily as possible.

Unused tokens are addressed as the bottom of the "Rewards" section:

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Their only purpose to is clear snowflakes off of ships. Use 'em or Lose 'em~