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Boggzy and Gaishu team up to play the ships YOU struggle with! We will wrestle valiantly with hard-to-play ships for YOUR entertainment. That, or they will utterly fail and die gloriously for YOUR entertainment! Either way, you win!

Along with choosing ships for them to play and walk through, they will have some information regarding the brand new OMEN Raffle campaign in which you can participate for free to win fun prizes! Come join us and tell us what you're bringing to Clan Battles Season 19 that start today

5pm CST - you know where: Twitch

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I like her, but she is super rough when bottom-tiered. Got her #1 NA back when the line was new, so she always has a special place in my heart.

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You're absolutely right. I actually thought this was a great suggestion for "how do I play this well".

Another time