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I've heard criticism of the Angle of Fire mod before. I'd like to point out that while the specific numbers being shown is "Additional Information", but the angle of attack can already by eyeballed by use of the minimap in game.

The Navigator mod only extrapolates information based on the angles presented on the minimap. It does not and cannot factor in the sloping shape of the hull to let you know what angle your shell would be impacting if you struck the narrowing nose of the bow, for instance.

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There are also mods which give more accurate understanding of lead times such as Nomogram's Dynamic Reticle. While these can be very helpful in terms of concepting out your shot, there are many players which lead shells without use of this specific assistance. In short, they can be a tool but are not required for play of the game.

Players have made mods that change shells into soaring Anime Girls. Mod-making is a diverse scene which involves people creating things that they would personally like to see whether or not they have gameplay impact.

From our side, we do evaluate mods and determine whether we feel them to be too powerful in terms of player-benefit. The mods in our Modstation have been ok'd by us.

There is a combination of factors in this case.

While the mod you are concerned about is seen by some as giving a gameplay advantage, we haven't found it to be required/mandatory for good play. It's useful for those that find it useful.

As the mod exists for those that would like to use it, taking the time to recreate it in game isn't needed for it to be available for players.

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In an Asymmetric Game there will always be a give and take in terms of direct comparisons. Destroyers have a massive Detection advantage over the Battleships, for instance. While some concepts may be more intuitive/palatable, there are very significant differences between each of the Ship Types in our game in regards to "power" and "capabilities".

The overarching goal of Asymmetric Design is to allow non-symmetric concepts to be able to exist in a game environment while still allowing each player to be able to partake in the game. Typically each will have strengths and weaknesses that guide their interactions with others and can encourage teamplay through attempts to cover weaknesses with strengths of others (DD capturing points while undetected, Radar Cruisers allowing friendly DDs to contest Caps while smoked up, and other such role specialties/interactions)