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RNG giveth and RNG taketh. Lady Luck holds no favor~

If you are concerned about Detonations and don't want to blow flags on every match, there's a Slot 1 Upgrade which drops Detonation Chance by 70%. It makes a low number a LOT lower and can help you save credits.

Personally, I'd definitely run Det Flags on anything I'm aiming to be competitive in (Clan Battles, Ranked, and Leaderboard Grinds) and Destroyers (because DDs are too important to mess around on).

Outside of that, let Lady Luck's Favor be your guide~

Keep it classy, man. This is pretty bait-y, especially on a post where someone is venting.

The back and forth you two had because of this snipe really didn't help anyone or add to the discussion.

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Yeah, having the Det Flag reward did "soften the blow" a bit, which was definitely nice.


We used to have Premium Consumables which were like 22k Credits per game Per Consumable Type. Ultimately, the gap between players that used Premium Consumables and those they elected to save money was Very significant on game results, so that got removed to make for a more consistent play experience.

A Det Flag is an additional cost per game for a guaranteed benefit, but as Detonations are rare in general it's not something that it required by any stretch. Plus, there's the Slot 1 Upgrade that cuts Detonation Chance down dramatically, so there's another option that's a one-time buy.

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This is correct.
Either an AP direct hit, HE splash damage, or a torpedo strike near the mags will all have a chance to detonate - provided the ship is below 75% of max health.