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If you want to discuss MM and balance, please use already created topic.

If you want to discuss your strange ideas of conspiracy, moon phase, bad luck or other silly reasons why everything except your skill is to blame for your lose streak, please use Offtopic section.

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The Matchmaker identifies shiptype and nation. If you had 2 US Battleships on your team they would have to be in a Div, or at least 1-3 US Battleships would have to be on the other team.

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Ideally the ships are balanced to their player slot. Hybrids have a flexibility advantage, but lose power in other areas to even it out.

Kearsarge is a damage pinata if she moves inside of 15km and her shells are North Carolina shells so the AP is rather floaty and can be tough to land at distance. She's not weak so you definitely shouldn't hike up your broadside without expecting to get smacked, but she does have limitations to her play patterns because of her hybrid versatility.