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It is worth pointing out that many Ranked Seasons and Brawl Seasons do provide BB/CA/DD only matchups. Random Battles continues to be the primary mode.

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The point he's trying to make is that it didn't matter whether the influencer was proven wrong or not, the goal is try to drive audience engagement. People either want to prove him wrong, or they want to see others prove him wrong, or they want to see others fail to prove him wrong. The meme shows how people will rise to a challenge even if it's just an influencer that's baiting.

Outrage does cause a release of chemicals which can create a loop:

People will return to the source of outrage for another hit of outrage.

Influencers that can sustain this pattern can capitalize most by keeping the timing of the outrage similar because people will look for it at the same time of day akin to being hungry at similar times of day.

The problem with outrage-engagement is that it literally lives off anger/rage. It's a very potent high, but raging constantly does alter your interactions over long stretches of time.

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