24 days ago - Ahskance - Direct link

We've experienced a technical issue on the dispersal of the combat mission. This is being looked into.

For the folks that have already redeemed the code, we have visibility on that redemption and will be able to address this in the future. I don't have an ETA to give, but we're working on it.

20 days ago - Ahskance - Direct link

The timeline has been changed to 11/18/22 -> 12/16/22.

As for mission receipt, all players who redeemed the prior code should be invoiced (given) the mission token. It may take a short time for it to reach your account as the process is undertaken.

20 days ago - Ahskance - Direct link

Please create another Customer Support Ticket to look into this.

17 days ago - Ahskance - Direct link

@_Bad_Influence_ @zakkmylde

We're looking into this. This was expected to have been resolved over the weekend but that seems not to be the case.

I'll update here when I have more information.

17 days ago - Ahskance - Direct link


Please be sure to double-check the OMEN GAMING HUB as the information there should have been updated.

If you have previously redeemed the OMEN code and have not received the Mission, please send me a DM.