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We already have Ranked and Clan Battles which provide this. Current Bronze Ranked has no access to either Sub or CV and the later Leagues let you see if a CV is in queue should you elect to wait a bit.

Ranked and Clan Battles do enjoy a sub-set of players, but neither mode approaches the popularity of Random Battles.

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OP states "most popular pvp mode".

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It is already offered in the form of Ranked season which are odd-Tier, Clan Battle seasons, and even Brawls that have those conditions. There are people that enjoy the content in specific, but none of those modes overtakes the popularity of Random Battles. Splitting queues divides your playerbase further which causes wait time and access issues.

Brawls and other events are Time-Gated in order to help the modes have enough players to function. Time-Gates help normal queues populate outside of higher population windows of time, but also increase engagement for the off-mode during the window of availability since people try to take advantage of what's available while it's available.

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That is correct. Secondary modes are available for alternate ways to enjoy the game, but the Primary Queues are:

Random Battles

Co-Op Battles


These three are available at all hours of the day.

I'm not sure what data you are citing because that isn't correct. NA tends to peak around 13k players and has done so for many months. Loss of a quarter would be a drop to 10k which hasn't happened because we still peak around 13k concurrent users.


Player Churn exists with the consistency of gravity. Players play a game until they want to play something else. Literally playing thousands of battles represents thousands of hours of gaming experience... there will always be a stopping point for anyone as only a few people find a game that they will continue to play for the rest of their life.

Subs and CVs may be cited as reasons to leave, but remember that CVs have been around since the beginning and in their current Reworked form for nearly 4 years at this point. Submarines have been available to experience for over a year, as well. A player who has played thousands of battles is not suddenly experiencing these classes so much as they have played hundreds or thousands of battles with them before deciding to play a different game instead. Looking at the situation and deciding that "only a few thousands battles" isn't enough to represent a great game is strange.

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You are referring to this? https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/na/total

The API seems to pull data in 30 minute increments so it possible it doesn't catch the same numbers we do. Either way, our overall player count has stayed consistent and we continue to peak around 13k concurrent.