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While I don't have a refined timeline, we have stated that we're hoping to get old Operations back in this year

There has been backend work being done on developing AI tools. Once those are finished, the expectation is that we'll be able to get the old Scenarios updated and returned.

There are Operations in the game currently, but there were several that were removed due to changes from the CV Rework back in 2019.

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Operations have a smaller population base than the more major modes. That was taken into account and they were considered a lower priority... until the CC Exodus and a long hard look at our internal processes and intentions.

We were already working on AI Tools, so it was determined that finishing those would allow us to re-implement removed Operations. The expected time for their return is this year, though there is no further refined timeframe than that.

There's no problem is mentioning that Operations are important to you and the players you hang out with. This information is what was so helpful in getting Operations back on the menu in the first place. Please feel free to keep bringing them up as something you consider very important.

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There's no news to share in regards to specifics, so no joy on that front.

I came in post-CV Rework, so can you give me the rundown of what "Hard Modes being Reintroduced" means? The wording speaks for itself, but if you can give me a detailed understanding of what you're talking about that would be appreciated <3 I'm always up for learning more about the history from before I started playing.

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