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If you encounter any bugs or technical issues during the Public Test 0.11.11 pt 1, feel free to report it in this thread.

Please follow this template for submitting bugs:

Description: Short description of an issue with required details.

Example: Spotting-aircraft doesn't work on Iowa battleship

How to Reproduce: Exact steps need to be made to reproduce the issue

Example: Take Iowa battleship with spotting-aircraft equipped. Go in battle. Try to launch spotting-aircraft

Result: What's the result of the issue.

Example: After pressing spotting-aircraft activating button you can hear an aircraft sound but nothing happens, the aircraft stands still.

Thank you!

about 20 hours ago - Konception - Direct link

The Dockyard ship is typically not playable in PTS. The ship itself was tested in earlier iterations. The Dockyard in PTS is designed so that players can test the functionality of the Dockyard itself.

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