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One of my plans for stream is to implement a once a month "teaching stream". I been testing it on the Portuguese one if anyone wants to check it out to give me feedback (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1138236785). The idea is to reach out to CCs like during the VWS and make a list of what ships they feel confortable teaching about. Then the community will vote all month for what nation and type of ship they want to learn about. The VODs stay saved on our channel so clans will be able to share the link like I did above in case people were not able to be there in person. If anyone want to hear more about this come join us next Wed. at 5pm central in the official Twitch stream. I want to talk to the community about it and see what you guys think.

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While this does most likely happen, the amount of such players is going to be too low for you to consistently meet them in battle, just statistically speaking. You'll meet maybe one in tens of battles.

It's not as black and white as two groups of players who want to win and who don't care. There is a huge pool of motivations driving people to play, from the historical aspects, through the visuals to competitive drive, which intersect with a wide spectrum of desire to win (i.e. how important it is to win, or in other words, how casual or hardcore a player is). World of Warships is a game that has a very gentle mechanical learning curve - it's very easy to figure out how to look, move and shoot. After that you find a steep hill of cerebral skill you have to climb, in order to obtain the knowledge to use those mechanical skills in any one of a thousand different gameplay scenarios. Younger players will on average be relatively good at learning the mechanics, but have a hard time acquiring the knowledge to be good - its effectively school and they have to learn complex concepts. Very old players might have the opposite issue - they might not be as nimble anymore and therefore not operate the controls as accurately, etc. However, regardless of age, the sheer amount of things you have to learn to be really good at the game takes a long time, while new content releases expand that knowledge or invalidate some of it. Some players simply do not have enough of a desire to make that much of an effort to learn fast, so they just slowly and passively learn by repeating mistakes.

It's the same as with young kids though - the amount of such players in battles is relatively low, though varies by battle type (more in competitive).

Oh we have quite a few serious players in the community. :)

Let's try. Our usual problem is making it scalable, because while we have group of dedicated and skilled players willing to teach, the amount of players that need teaching is usually bigger and difficult to reach via community channels.

We will, though I think we're talking about more specific things here in this thread than yesterday's announcements.


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Yes, we're describing the same thing - me from UX research perspective and you from the player perspective. We're obviously trying to influence that through different tools like tool tips, early progression gating, leading incentives, game modes, as well as through community channels. The bigger question is whether the feeling you have that the amount of such players has been increasing is actually fact, or whether there are other reasons that might be highlighting this type of behavior or exacerbating it. I'll talk to our UX team to research that topic a bit.