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It's 8:30pm EST for the NA time slot tonight. It factors in the timechange for the next "clan battle week" which starts on this coming Wednesday.

In effect, the 4 clan battle days of this week (Wed -> Sun) are staying "the same" in terms of UTC time for consistency across all countries, since not all countries use Daylight Savings.

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The time is listed in the infographic you posted.

It'll move back an hour UTC, which would return it to its previous time of 7:30pm EST (6:30pm CST).


Note: I corrected the previous posts to say 8:30pm EST for tonight. I've lived most of my life in the EST timezone, so moving to the CST timezone me hits harder some days than others.

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As stated on the infographic, the time moves to 2330 UTC. You can translate that to other timezones via Google.

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